tring to raise ph in freshwater aquarium.

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tring to raise ph in freshwater aquarium.

by angi43

I have african cichlids and would like to know how to raise the ph with crushed coral. how much for a 55 gal.

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by spongebob4460

I read this from another site:

"To maintain a stable pH in the upper levels of the pH scale for fishkeeping, I would recommend using a buffering substrate such as crushed coral. You can add crushed coral to your existing aquarium. I personally place the crushed coral in a mesh bag and place the bag under my gravel substrate. You will want about 1 kg of crushed coral per 40 liters of water to buffer the water to hold a pH around 7.6. Alternatively, some hobbyists choose to place a mesh bag of crushed coral in their power filter. This method does not allow for the use of large quantities of crushed coral, but can be effective if you only need to make small adjustments to your aquariums buffering ability."

Hope this helps

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by gumbii

what kind of african's...??? what lake...¿¿¿

i used to use crushed coral as substrate... well i still have a couple of tanks with it as substrate... i find that it really doesn't raise it up that much... if you want the PH, and hardness/KH to stay up, i really recomend crushed oister shell mixed with a bit of crushed coral... place some into your filter... it also makes good biological filtration media...

or use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)... i used to use 1tablespoon per 5 gallons to get my water to 9.1PH...

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by freshwaterpleco


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by gumbii

do NOT put peat or driftwood with african cichlids... that would lower the PH dramaticly and kill the fish...

i allready answered the question on this thread... stop spamming, and trying to make yourself look usefull... so please GTFO!...

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by miami754

Everything everyone else said is exactly right (except for the crazy peat and driftwood comment - these actually lower the pH and the author knows it). However, I just thought I would throw one more method out there.

I put petrified coral behind my rock wall. That way it is hidden, but you still get the same buffering effect. It works well if you have a rock wall and you don't want to use crushed coral as the substrate.

Also, as a side note - it is actually much more important for cichlids that the pH remains fairly constant rather than it being a specific value. Now there are obvious limitations to this (for example, if the pH from your tap water if in the 6's or below), but as long as you are above 7, MOST cichlids will do fine. I would only worry about it if you bought wild ones which most people do not. I only mention this because alot of people will try to use pH up or some similar product and this can be much more harmful on your fish than just letting it be as it can cause large fluctuations in the pH. I would use the crushed or petrified coral method and as long as you are in the 7's or above - leave it alone. If your tap water is in the 7's or above (make sure to let the water sit out for 24 hours and then take the pH reading) without the buffers then just don't worry about the coral. The cichlids will be fine.

tring to raise ph in freshwater aquarium.

6 posts

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