Fish names

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Fish names

by tekneb

So, I have a grand total of 18 fish between my 65 gallon and my betta bowl, and I've named every single one of them. There has been some discussion about this in my household, so I ask you all, is this a normal thing to do? lol

Main tank
Neon Tetras: Chester, Rob, Delson, Phoenix, Mr. Hahn, and Shinoda
Rosy Barbs: Fergie, Will.I.Am, Tabu, and the twins, Apl and De Ap
Dwarf Rainbows: Paige and Madre
Bosemani Rainbow: Honey Bee
Redtail Shark: The Baboon
Clown Pleco: Gorgeous George

Betta bowl
Betta: Doublemint
Oto: Chicklet

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by yasherkoach

hey as long as they don't talk back, what the heck

I used to have one huge red platy I called the great big mother (for she gave birth to too many livebearer fry), outside of this, I have had no names

but hey, whatever floats your boat........or your fish (((smiles)))

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by Alasse

I name all bar the fish that i cant tell apart like neons etc

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by yasherkoach

well of course, hard to tell the same apart unless one is truly unique in the bunch

for instance, I have red platies but one, via a genetic defect, looks like an end livebearer - about 1 inch long, straight/long and when it rests, it will literally lie flat on a rock and "sleep" for hours - I could name this fish, but I don't - but I could for it's very unique outside of all the other platies which were born into the tank

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by snostorm

I've named all my fish, I name all my animals! We've got:

> Barry the AGL fish (rescued when the centre shut down)
> Ken
> Ball sack (blame my boyfriend)
> Black Eyes
> Black Eyes Mark 2
> Pumpkin

Female betta:
> Little One

Fancy tail:
> Orange One

Black and white skirt tetras I can't tell apart so it's usually "hey little fish!"

My other tank we've got Flame the betta

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by natalie265

Currently, only my male bettas have names: Oscar and Beau.

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by nicholas542

most of mine are named billy ray, billy bob, ricky bobbie, JK. I'm kind of a redneck Haven't got hardcore enough to name my fish. I did train my angelfish to follow my finger around the tank though.

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by dream2reef

lmao some funny replies here. I throw forks knives and spoons down the steps and whatever sound they make That's what I name the fish hahahaaa. I've had many names thought pinky and the brain, jr. brain, rex, rex kwan do, zipper, speedy gonzales, billy the betta, ricky the rainbow, the orange fish, the half and half, Neo the neon(the only neon ever named obviously not the one cuz he died fast) That's about it the schools of rainbows neons and rasboras as everyone else does. So by the lack of post I'd say to answer your question Tek no no it is not normal.

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by merkabrew

Fish names are totally cool.
My fish names arem
sushi-black morre
saki-orange comet
lilly koi- white comet
carrot top-oranda
fred-aqatic frog

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by dream2reef

apparently noone else names their fish lol Haven't seen no action in this thread for days lol

Fish names

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