Thoughts on Seachem Flourish ?

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Thoughts on Seachem Flourish ?

by nicholas542

I've been using seachem flourish in my 3 months old planted tank, and it seems to be making the plants grow nicely. I'm trying to plant the tank with low C02 requirment plants. So far I have Wisteria, Hogwart, and some plant bulbs I got from walmart growing quite well. Any comments from people who have used or are using this product would be cool.
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by volcom

haha its actualy not good for your tank. it melted my plants. after like. 2 months? i will never use it again. DIY co2 is better

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by dizzcat

I use Seachem Flourish too, have been for about a year. I have tried a couple other brands and like this one the best.

Vol, did you use the Florish or the Florish Excel? Excel will melt plants pretty badly.

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by CedricAndCandy7566

Hi nicholas, I used flourish for a short while and my plants started deteriorating pretty badly so I am now using my trusted favourite again; which is aquasonic basic-gro and daily-gro.

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by MonkeyChunks

I used flourish excel in my low light tank and everything is fine. Plants are all ok.

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by Tmercier834747

I'm using seachem flourish now..and I guess if I were meeting the parameters better in other departments ie: better regulated CO2 , more light, and more water changes (for trace elements), I might have better results than I'm getting. But honestly with what I have now I had better results with something called API Leaf Zone. I still get nice deep reds in red ludwigia which is I guess a sign of proper iron intake that I wouldn't see without fert dosages, but I don't get the growth I had with leaf zone.

I think the seachem line of planted tank products are better tailored for those who treat it as a spot-on science and have those tanks you see at well.. planted tank aquarium conventions?

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by esparzar1

I use seachem flourish on my amazon swords and I started seeing results within a few days. I guess it really just depends on your own tank/experiences. I've had no problems with it for about the past 4 months.

Thoughts on Seachem Flourish ?

7 posts

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