combining guppy with a betta? bad idea?

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combining guppy with a betta? bad idea?

by MonkeyChunks

Hi, I was given 10 guppies by a nice guy who sold me an aquarium. I haven't set up my bigger 20gal tank to put them in yet, so they're in the 10 gal tank now. I wonder if I can put one or two into the 3 gal betta aquarium.
Has anyone ever combined guppy with a betta fish? Will betta attack it?

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by jweb1369

yea they will be fine, betta males are only aggressive to other male bettas.

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by Zambize4899

I've done this and I would advise against it. First of all, Guppy are not schooling fish, but they do need to be with several of their own kind, like 6 or more. Otherwise they will be more prone to illness, aggression, etc.

Betta can be quite aggressive to more fish than just other Bettas. They will attack any other fish that resembles another Betta, which means any fish about that size with flowing fins, like fancy Guppy. And it certainly isn't just the Betta you need to worry about. Guppy will gladly nip fins, especially the super-tempting, long, beautiful Betta fins. Add to that the fact that Betta are slow movers and Guppy are quick, the Guppy will successfully nip the Betta's fins all day.

Betta are slow-moving, calm fish and they don't like fast currents or lots of activity. Guppy are very fast, constantly moving, all over the tank, and even create their own current with their activity. This is upsetting to Bettas who will often just retreat and not come out very often.

Betta eat much slower than chaotic Guppy and will have a hard time getting his fair share.

I made this mistake and the result was 1) my Betta's fins were badly nipped, 2) the Betta hid most of the time, 3) he sometimes wouldn't even come out to eat and when he did it was difficult to make sure he got enough to eat, 4) he took every opportunity to attack the longer-finned Guppy, and 5) he lost much of his color. AND I had these guys in a 37 GALLON tank.

I moved the Betta to his own 10 gallon tank and he was a completely different, very happy, beautiful, interactive fish. Some people may not have understood that his behavior with the Guppy was the behavior of a very unhappy fish.

Don't do it.


combining guppy with a betta? bad idea?

3 posts

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