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State: Connecticut
Country: United States
Description: 92 gallon Co2 injection 10 bubbles persecond due to the loss of Co2 from the water fall, florite substrate, ,substrate heater cable , ehime professional canisters 2 i belive in over filtration. lighting 300 watts and belive it or not i use Quartz hallogen they say there to yellow i say a picture is worth a thousand words. due to the tree stump and it giving off alot of organics into the water i do half water changes once a week, i keep a resevior in the basement manual fill but for daily evaporation i just hit a light switch that turns on the pump and tank is toped off. coments welcomed happy scaping
Advice: start slowly ,and don't over feed fish don't have breakfast lunch and dinner served to them in the wild often they have to go days or weeks with no food.
Fish Kept: 30 flame tetras, sevrum rainbows, 5 peacock digeons, 4 agoo boos, simeese agea eater, 4 ottocats, raindeer shrimp ammano shrimp and cherry shrimp. and a couple of turbo snails
Corals/Plants: will fill this in when i have propper names listed
Tank Size: 92 gallons
Quote: enoughs enough
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it's a marvel I'll buy it for $50,000 fish avatar
fantastic!!!!! fish avatar
This is probably one of the coolest tanks i've seen on here. Nice job I would like to create something like this some day. fish avatar
Love it. Best I have seen to date. Barny. fish avatar
Splendid setup! Does this setup add a great deal of humidity to the room it is in? Your light-switch top-off sounds lovely. fish avatar
Holy... how do you take the time to do that? anyways awesome display and very well job! You should definetly be #1! fish avatar
If u did this with a Fish tank,,, What the heck does your house look like man!? I think that tank is where fish go when they die! If not,, can I be buried in there? fish avatar
OK so,, I am FLOORED! How ,wha,, which,???LOL! This tank is beyond amazing! How could this tank not be #1? What kind of tree stump did you use? Man!,,, If you could produce more tanks like this,,,, Takashi Amano better watch OUT! SUPERB! fish avatar
perfect perfect. special design a lot of taste. you must be proud friend. fish avatar
NiCe. I like how it comes out of the tank, very well displayed. fish avatar
WOW!!!!!!!!! Absolutely stunning! (Freakin' awesome!!!) Kudos to your dedication....seems like too much work for me! fish avatar
brilliant idea fish avatar
Quite interesting.very nice indeed. fish avatar
Just wow man. WOW! fish avatar
AMAZING TANK! fish avatar


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