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Country: United Kingdom
Description: Juwel Rio 180 (180L) 2.5WPG (4x 30W t8's) 3000K, 4000K & 2x 7500K juwel standard filter (as supplied) plus fluval 104 with spray bar dennerle pressurised CO2 with glass diffuser Substrate: 3mm gravel mixed with laterite Ferts: Potassium Nitrate, Potassium Phosphate & CSM=+B plus hagen root tabs under swords and tiger lotus lillys
Advice: for a planted tank setup i cant emphasise enough the use of laterite and CO2. one of the main reasons for failing with swords etc (heavy root feeders)is a lack of nutrients at the roots. laterite is reasonably affordable and will last years. on the co2 front, adding a basic yeast type co2 kit will improve any planted tank in one simple step. i will always use some kind of co2 in any planted tank regardless of lighting levels. and more importantly than anything weekly ewater changes (if adding dry ferts 50% to dilute the last weeks fertaliser leftovers)
Fish Kept: 28 cardinal tetras 2 sailfin gibbiceps (10cm and 6cm) 1 adult angel 1 platy (rehomed for a friend) 1 flying fox 3 sterbai corys 5/6 amano shrimp (not that i ever see them)
Corals/Plants: Amazon swords (bhleri), java fern, tiger lotus lillys, echinodorus "red flame", glosso, Echinodorus "rubin" var "Narrow", java moss, anubias nana and anubias nana petite.
Tank Size: 40 gallons
Quote: if it aint broke dont fix it!
About Yourself: i'm a 25 year old headhunter. got into the hobby by looging onto fishforums when i had a problem with my basic fish tank and never looked back. i dont own any fish/plant related books and have learnt everything from members of that planted tank forum. i actually have 3 planted tanks the 180, a juwel rekord 60 with a sandy layout and a 50G cube.


I dont know how thats a 40 breeder but NICE WORK BRAH fish avatar
stunning :D fish avatar
Amazing tank, I'm using it an inspiration for mine. :D I've got a jewel vision 180, I was wondering if you know how I can buy a 4-bulb lighting unit like you have? As I currently only have 1.5WPG. Thanks so much :) fish avatar
very nice aquascape im in the middle of rescaping my rio 300 after cutting out the filter box supplied to gain more planting space. hope it will look half as good as your tank then ill be happy. fish avatar
NICE... :D fish avatar
Good work. fish avatar
this is a real nice setup for a 40gallon i have a 55 full od cichlids.but i gotta say i do like this tank it has wonderful color in it. fish avatar
Nice tank fish avatar


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