Photo #1 - My First 55-gallon Freshwater Tank

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Photo Caption: My first 55-gallon freshwater tank
55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My first 55-gallon freshwater tank

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State: Virginia
Country: United States
Description: I am currently working on setting up my fish tank. I had three Oscars and a shovelnose catfish. However, they all passed away due to a high ammonia level, and a red brown build up that was taking over the tank. I had some fake plants, and a cool looking palm tree and bridge in the tank. I ended up taking them out because of the build up. Now I am working on getting my water levels right and doing water changes to get the water just perfect. Once that is complete than I am going to add some live plants, and then work on getting some fish that are easier to work with instead of Oscars. I really love Oscars, and they are hardy fish, but for some reason they are very messy and always hungry. The two I had killed my other Oscar, and my ghost knife fish. Which left me with the two Oscars and the catfish, which in return died when I performed my water change? I felt very bad, I hate loosing fish. The reason is not the money, but because they were in my hands to be taken care of. At least I did not spend lots of money on them. I know some fish can get very expensive. So with all that said and done, I am learning as I go along. My current set up is a 55-gallon tank, with a water heater, colored gravel rocks, a bio ball filter that sits underneath the tank, with a 700-gallon air pump. Good setup, for a starter, spent some good $$$ on the tank setup. Now all I have to do is keep my fish alive and keep the water level consistent.
Advice: Do not be like me and rush the process. Save your money and remember patience is a virtue.
Fish Kept: 3 Oscars, 1 Shovelnose Catfish, 1 Ghost Knife Fish, and a Pleco.
Corals/Plants: None
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: Patience is a virtue.
About Yourself: Network Engineer, and motorcycle enthusiast.


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