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Country: United Kingdom
Description: Filtration Eheim 2080 Eheim 2075 Aquaclear powerhead 70 with foam 40x10x10 Heater Jagger 250 Watts 3D background and modules made by MAGIC AQUARIUM
Advice: Dont mix fish from habitats with diferent water. Avoid overfeeding. Keep regularly water changing. .......
Fish Kept: Malawi cichlids
Corals/Plants: Anubias barteri
Tank Size: 180 gallons
About Yourself: I just start run hobby "business" with 3D background and modules for many aquarists enquiries. My occupation is mechanic music instruments.


Absolutely stunning! Please tell me where I can buy the 3d background?? WOW!!! Who is the manufacturer? Do they have a website? fish avatar
amazing fish avatar
Very nice setup, sir! I'm new to the site, please rate my Malawi tank!! Really love your tank, bro, good work. fish avatar
Awesome tank. Doesn't matter what type of fish are in there. Well organized fish avatar
Great looking tank :) fish avatar
Absolute amazing tank. Are making the backgrounds to sell as well. Trying to find magic aquarium but can't. Please let me know. fish avatar
Absolute amazing tank. Are making the backgrounds to sell as well. Trying to find magic aquarium but can't. Please let me know. fish avatar
Well done.. fish avatar
Good looking set-up. fish avatar
I'am using Marine actinic fish avatar
man i just got done making my first diy background for my 75....im still trying to find the right lighting...what light are you using fixture/bulbs....that would be great fish avatar
I using T8 Arcadia blue actinic and Power glo from Hagen. fish avatar
really nice tank....i dont know what kind of t5 lighting to get....saltwater 10,000 and atinic...or freshwater 6,700...what kind of lighting do you use fish avatar
Thank you all for very nice comments. fish avatar
Wish you lived in Canada, I would be a customer for sure. Your 3d background is as said above, amazing as is the rest of your tank. fish avatar
You have done an amazing job! I never have liked the 3d background because of the space you lose in your tank but yours is worth all that for sure! You are my hero in this hobby. You are now one of my muses'. fish avatar
i am loving your background. i am actually searching for the ed background fish avatar
thanks fish avatar


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