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State: Michigan
Country: United States
Description: 30x19
Advice: I dont have too much advice sence i only been doing this for 6 months. Just make sure you reaserch a lot so you know what you are buying because not everything they tell you in the fish store is true. Take time to closely watch your tank everyday so you know if there is something wrong or not. One thing that i will say is that it is possible to keep a pink carnation coral. i have had one for 3 months now and it looks just as beautiful as it looked when i got it. If you want tips how to do it let me know, it works really good. One other thing, TEST YOUR WATER!!!!!!! I also have a very very good way to get rid of those nasty flat worms without using any chemicals. Always try to fix the problem naturally. DONT buy a powdered blue tang unless you want ich. Very spookey fish. Dont let hard kept corals spook you oway. Just make sure you know what you are doing. I have not lost anything yet( knock on wood)
Fish Kept: Sailfin tang, powdered blue tang(yes they do get anong just fine), clown fish, 6 line, fire fish, crabs, snails, and shrimp.
Corals/Plants: Sun coral, pipe Organ Coral, alvepora, candy canes, zoanthids, xenia, kenya, mooshrooms, leather, and others.
Tank Size: 30 gallons
Quote: its never too hard if you put your mind and heart to it
About Yourself: 23 years old, love animals. I have a cat, dog (pug), lizard (leopard gecko), chinchilla (albino, how cool is that) and of course salt water fish


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