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Photo Caption: updated 20 gallon new fish, some new wood and loads of new offsets from my amazon sword
fish tank picture - 20 gallon tank 4 months later
20 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - side view 20 gal
fish tank picture - 10 gallon
20 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - updated 20 gallon new fish, some new wood and loads of new offsets from my amazon sword

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State: Michigan
Country: United States
Description: 2' x 15" x 13" 20 gallon tank. Potting soil on bottom, followed by flourite, construction gravel (obviously intensely cleaned), some larger river rocks, three pieces of driftwood and a rear-mounted piece of treated maple. Im running this with a Hydor Theo 100W heater, A Tetra Whisper 20i with bio-bag system (i use marineland diamond blend activated carbon). I also run a Tetra Whisper 20 airpump with a bubble curtain.
Advice: My experience with planted tanks is the following: - Take your time with the layout (i.e.which plants to use, and which lighting, hardness, fish will be compatible) - Be patient! - Do your research. There's more to aquarium keeping than throwing a bunch of cool looking fish in a tank. - A healthy looking aquarium will be much more rewarding
Fish Kept: Currently there are Two glo-fish style neon fish, three emperor tetras, two penguin tetras, two black medium sized angelfish, two rainbow tetras, a black molly, three algae-eating shrimp and a dwarf frog.
Corals/Plants: I have three amazon swords and a brand new offset; about five scarlet temple plants, four red ludwigia, three corkscrew vallisneria, two mondo grass plants, some dwarf grass and a bit of java moss.
Tank Size: 20 gallons


i just read it again, you used potting soil? interesting! fish avatar
i like the tank a lot, looks very natural. keep in mind those angel fish will outgrow that tank and probably get pretty stir crazy. mine started ram rodding the sides of my acrylic tank until i moved her to a bigger tank. fish avatar


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