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75 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - African Cichlids
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Photo Caption: African Cichlids
75 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - African Cichlids

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State: New Jersey
Country: United States
Description: This is a 75 gallon Lake Malawi tank. It's 48x21x18. I use a Fluval 404 canister, and Rena canister. Lights are (2) 48' Coral sun actinic 420 Blue moonlights lamps. For substrate, i used White sand, and scattered blue rock. Where the caves are constructed, i used crushed coral for a hill. All plants are plastic. I have three real coral heads, and plenty of the rainbow rock for their much needed caverns.
Advice: Being new to African cichlids myself, i can just relay what i was told. These beautiful fish need a lot of room because of their aggresiveness, and a lot of well constructed caves for the same reason. I use corals for the purposes of the high PH they require, (i keep it at 8.2) and for the reason that it looks great. If you really enjoy real plants, they will enjoy them more, by eating and uprooting them. Which if unkept, it'll raise your nitrates. I love the driftwood look, but stay away from it because it'll lower the PH balance. And please before you decide on keeping these fish, please make sure they are compatable. There are charts online that will guide you in selecting the right types for a community tank. Also, for the purpose of eliminating the fish creating hybrids. Other than these few things, i believe these are the most brilliant beautiful fresh water fish a hobbyist could possibly own
Fish Kept: In my 75 gallon i have electric blues, red top zebras, yellow labs, leopard plecos, and they like to breed. Special care must be taken with the fry of course.
Corals/Plants: All plants are fake. Three different coral heads, for keeping my PH high. Fake driftwood decorations.
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: All the world is indeed a stage.


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