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Country: Canada
Description: 20 gal high , 20 - 40 HOB power filter , 150 watt heater , full spectrum flourecent lighting , air pumps, ect ...
Advice: I am new , i want advice!
Fish Kept: Barbs for the nitrogen cycle
Corals/Plants: Fake plants for now
Tank Size: 20 gallons
Quote: If you fall stand tall and come back for more
About Yourself: I am new and looking for advice , every place you look there are conflicting statements !


add reef,lace, tufa rock and african cichlids ph7.5-8.3 hard water bam fish avatar
fish maybe... fish avatar
try adding some fish! fish avatar
some of the brighter fake plants with a couple darker would look great withthe gravel. a small cave type my mother in law uses an old terra cotta pot she sterilized in the tank for that on its side for shelter. and as was said earlier tatras would be great. i saw some albino ones the other day in the pet store that would be awesome in there fish avatar
I like the black too, and agree that a white or off white center piece would look killer! but contrast that with dark green plants. cichlids would be good but there are a lot of BRIGHT tetra and platys. good luck fish avatar
Get your own ideas instead of stealing everyone elses. I hate people like you. Empty the tank and piss off fish avatar
Get an white fish like an albino catfish or something. That would contrast well with the black. fish avatar
I just started my self...less than 2 months into it with my 24g tank. Barbs worked great to get the tank started. I don't know that my tank is 'established' or 'mature' but my Dwarf Cichlid German Blue Ram is doing good now. Now I'm trying to find something for the upper levels. Maybe some Danios or Rasbosas. Do some research and have fun. fish avatar
nice tank all u need is a neon light and man will that tank look cool.... u should start with tetras there good and easy to keep fish fish avatar
You could do either do the cichlid tank or maybe a planted/community tank... planted tank would require a bit more research and regular maintenance. Depends which fish you prefer. I was in your position 5 months ago and went the planted/community cause I liked the variety of fish in a community tank. I've had to research and learn heaps about how to grow plants, but it's been worth it. Either way do heaps of reserach on forums like and ask heaps of questions. Enjoy! fish avatar
I like the black... it looks really sharp. I think it would be cool to put white rocks like edwards limestone and make it into a cichlid tank. fish avatar


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