Photo #3 - Devil's Hand With Some Neon Green Candy Cane...

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Photo Caption: Devil's hand with some neon green candy cane corals
saltwater fish - amphiprion ocellaris - ocellaris clownfish stocking in 180 gallons tank - Colorful fish
corals inverts - diodogorgia nodulifera - yellow finger gorgonian stocking in 180 gallons tank - Yellow Gorgonian.
corals inverts - lobophytum sp. - devil's hand leather coral stocking in 180 gallons tank - Devil's hand with some neon green candy cane corals
saltwater fish - chromis viridis - blue/green reef chromis stocking in 180 gallons tank - Schooling Chromis
corals inverts - sarcophyton elegans - yellow fiji leather coral stocking in 180 gallons tank - Another middle shot of tank.
corals inverts - rhodactis inchoata - bullseye mushroom stocking in 180 gallons tank - Middle of the tank.
saltwater fish - pterapogon kauderni - kaudern's cardinal stocking in 180 gallons tank - Cardinal fish pretty much stays in one place the whole day.
corals inverts - pterogorgia citrina - green lace gorgonian stocking in 180 gallons tank - Purple Blade Gorgonian
corals inverts - briareum sp. - starburst polyp stocking in 180 gallons tank - Left side of tank.
saltwater fish - acanthurus sohal - sohal tang stocking in 180 gallons tank - I really miss my sohal tang. Had to give him away. He was just too mean and was a real poop machine. I replaced him with a Pink Tail Triggerfish. He makes a mess too but is not aggresive.
corals inverts - fungia sp. - plate coral, orange - short tentacle stocking in 180 gallons tank - Fungia Coral.
saltwater fish - centropyge loriculus - flame angelfish stocking in 180 gallons tank - My Dendro still thriving!
180 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - Full Tank Display

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: 180 gallon reef tank 260 lbs of live rock 4-5" Deep sand bed 2 AquaC Pro skimmers wPhosban in each surface skimmer box Rena XP4 canister filter running only chemipure, nothing else. 19 watt UV sterilizer 384 wallts of PC light. Half daylignt half actinic. Low light reef set up. Many of my corals are non-photosynthetic and difficult to keep. I feed fairly heavy and do about a 40 gallon water change once every 3-4 weeks.
Advice: Do your research and have alot of patience.
Fish Kept: Way too many. Might get rid of a few 1 Flame Angel 1 Pinktail Trigger 1 Ornate Wrasse 1 Falco Hawkfish 1 Banghai Cardinal 3 Percula Clownfish 5 Green Chromis 1 Purple Firefish 1 Serpent Sea Star Numerous snails and hermit crabs (180+ or more)
Corals/Plants: Lobophytum (Devils hand) Lobophytum (blue) spp. Pavona Maldivensis Duncanopsammia spp Sarcophytum (Toadstool) numerous zoanthids 2 types of Mushrooms 2 types of Rhicordai Zenia spp. 2 types Gorgonians Kenya Coral Tree Orange Nepthea (doing great and growing) Favia sp. Candy cane (green) Orange Star Polyps 2 Hawaiian tube worms others...
Tank Size: 180 gallons
Quote: I need more corals!
About Yourself: Started with a 10 gallon fresh water tank when I was 10 years old. Did that for 2 years. Didn't get back into the hobby until 18 years later. I had one 55 gallon fresh water and another 55 gallon saltwater FOWLR. Finally upgraded to a 180 gallon tank and gave away the other tanks to my relatives.


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