Photo #1 - Grove - Acanticus Adonis Crossocheilus Siamensis...

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Photo Caption: Grove
122 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - Grove

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Country: Poland
Description: Grove.
Advice: Learn much and be patient.
Fish Kept: Acanticus adonis Crossocheilus siamensis Otocinclus huaorani Paracheirodon axelrodi Rasbora hengeli
Corals/Plants: Anubias bartheri v.nana Anubias heterophylla Bacopa caroliniana Bolbitis heudelotii Barclaya longifolia Ceratophyllum demersum, Chladophora aegagropila Crynium calanistratum Crynium natans Crynium calamistratum Cryptocoryne Jachnelii, Cryptocoryne wendtii Egeria najas Eleocharis acicuralis Eustralis stellata Glossostigma elatinoides Heterantera zosterifolia Hydrocotyle leucocephala Hydrokotyle verticillata Limnophila aquatica Ludwigia glandulosa, Ludwigia repens Micranthemum micranthemoides Microsorium pteropus Microsorium pteropus "Windelov" Myriophyllum pinnatum Nesaea pedicellata Nymphaea lotus Pellia epiphylla Rotala macrandra Rotala rotundifolia Rotala rotundifolia. "Green" Rotala walichii Ophiopogon minimus Vesicularia dubyana - Java Moss Vesicularia dubyana - Christmas Moss
Tank Size: 122 gallons
Quote: If you can count, count on yourself.


BEAUTIFUL! 10/10!!!!! fish avatar
Beautiful tank. Do you use a CO2 diffuser of any kind? I'm considering for my 29 gallon but want to avoid if possible. fish avatar
1 word, WOW! WOW!. ok 2 words!!!! fish avatar
Wow, that is the best planted tank I ever seen, thanks for sharing all this beauty! fish avatar
Beautiful tank!!.Love the plants and the small fish.. fish avatar
That is that!!!!! Congratulations!!!! fish avatar
Awesome tank 10/10! fish avatar
Hey, I really like the way you set up the tank differing degrees of depth and height with the plants. Are the mossy plants in the back top right hand corner on some type of rock or something. Besides the wood branches, Did you use any kind of rock or wood to attach your plants. I would be curious to know what the tank looked like before you put the plants in. I am would like to setup a plant tank that has the same kind of look as your tank. Let me know what you used to "aquascape" your plants. Thanks! -Vince fish avatar
please tell me the shape of the tank & wich kind of light you use - it looks very nice, thx for inspiration! fish avatar
Hey Adam, sliczne akwarium !!! :o) Marzenie kazdego hodowcy akwariow z zywymi roslinami! :o) Jeden z najpiekniejszych akwariow jakie kiedykolwiek widzialam! :o) fish avatar
Amazing - i'd love a tank like that one day - never had much luck with plants! hehe fish avatar
This tank is Awesome found myself lost in it several times.'Lost In The Green' fish avatar


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