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State: California
Country: United States
Description: 72"L x 18"W x 24"H - glass show tank with one double 4' T from an indoor plant supplier, and one double standard 4' T for a shop. I use 2-Whisper hang on double sided power filters and a small air pump with one small stone. I have been selling my excess Cherry Shrimp back to the same store I started with and they have now paid for a 135gallon upgrade, just switched everything over from the 70gallon.
Advice: Start small, but always think big. Trial and error is the fastest way to learn what not to do. just keep using common sense, have a lot of patience, and your vision will come true.
Fish Kept: 3-Panda Cory Cat, 3-Peppered Cory Cat, 11-Albino Aeneus Cory Cat, 3-Dwarf Cory, 7-Kuhlii Loach, 1-Assassin Snail, 300-Cherry Shrimp, 4-Crystal Shrimp, 4-Amano Shrimp, 1-Bamboo Shrimp, 2-Rubber lip Pleco, 2-Candy Stripe Pleco
Corals/Plants: Rotala Indica, Valisneria Spiralis, Giant Hair Grass, Spike Rush, Pigmy Sword, Java Moss, Moss Ball, Pellia Moss, Baby Tears
Tank Size: 135 gallons
About Yourself: Received my first tank, a 10gal for a ninth grade Graduation present and kept going since. I have had just about every size, color, and species of fish from one time to another including Marine since the 80's. Then I took a few well needed years away from even looking at a tank. i think it gave me a new outlook on the hobby when I ran across pictures of different types of Shrimp and the many colors. I dove in, I started my first "Live Plant" tank. After several disappointments trying all kinds of plants, I found a few that work for the equipment I owned already. Shrimp followed soon after and I purchased eight Cherry Shrimp. Now I have hundreds. I sell the excess back to the same pet shop that sold me the first eight and I have a gift card that continues to build equity, Since, I have had Cory babies and I am hopeful that the Kuhlies will begin breeding as well.


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