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Country: Canada
Description: 90 gal. home built tank/stand, 10 mil glass vertical grain fir and mahogany stand. 50 lbs. #4 natural silica grit, 2x aquaclear 70 filters, 48" powerglo and 22" powerglo lighting in standard fixtures. Elite 200w heater. 55 gallon tank is predominantly convict cichlids, with a couple Dempseys etc. 1x 48" power-glo, 150 watt heater, aquaclear 50 and a whisper 70? No plants and a lot of rock work
Advice: bigger is better, maintenance is key, don't eat yellow snow. I change 25% min. of water every 10-14 days, Clean filter media between water changes and don't mess with the biological media at all. About every 4 months I take everything out of the tank and thoroughly clean the tank,rocks, filters etc. Buy the good stuff as far as equipment, food and media are concerned. I didn't and I have paid the price. I am still trying to convince my wife to let me buy canister filters.
Fish Kept: 3x jewels,2x convicts,2x firemouths,3x parrots,3x phantoms,1 blue zebra,1 blue acara, Second tank has approx. 20 Convicts at various stages of growth, 2 Dempseys, 2 Severums, 1 Krib, 1Ram, 2 Clown loaches, 2 plecs.
Corals/Plants: mostly live plants.
Tank Size: 90 gallons
Quote: "i can smell a lie like a fart in a car." Christian Slater
About Yourself: A friend with "fissues" turned me on to the hobby when he gave me a 20 gal tank. Bastard! The bug bit me and I know own 3 tanks and have plans to start up a reef tank in the near future. I've been in the hobby for a little more than a year now and I continue to learn new things daily. I love to tinker so I end up building a lot of stuff myself and I find the internet and this site an invaluable resource. I would love to hear other peoples input and ideas.


Awesome tank! I love the part about your friend turned you on to the hobby. LoL bastard..hahaha anyway tanks with a rock wall always look good. and you did very well. Im doing a tank with rocks soon. fish avatar


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