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220 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Custom Wall Cabinet 220 Gallon 72Lx30Hx22W Hardscape 50 Fish LED
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Photo Caption: Custom Wall Cabinet 220 Gallon 72Lx30Hx22W Hardscape 50 Fish LED
220 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Custom Wall Cabinet 220 Gallon 72Lx30Hx22W Hardscape 50 Fish LED

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Country: Canada
Description: -220 gal custom glass tank custom cabinet with hydraulic opening doors -Filtration FX6, XL API and DIY in tank fine scrubber - 2 4' LED Lighting systems -3 power heads -All systems have running backups and exhaust hood fan to outside. - 50 Fish with an average size of 6" to 12" 1 Tiger Oscar , 1 Tinfoil Barb, 3 Golden Red Tail Tinfoil Barbs, 2 Diamond Scale Barbs, 3 Silver Bala Sharks, 7 Clown Loaches, 2 Kribensis?, 3 Electric Yellow Labs, 4 Red Blood Parrots, 2 Black Eared Sharks, 2 Common Plecos, 2 Yellowjacket Cichlids, 2 Red Spot Severums, 3 Rose Line Sharks, 4 Blue Acaras, 2 Firemouths, 1 Red Zebra, 2 Electric Blue Cichlids, 1 Red-tailed Black Shark, 1 Red Fin Borleyi Kandango, 1 Yellow Lepturus
Advice: Go bigger from the start (tank size), always over filter, do water changes often (buy a siphon vacuum gravel hose system!!!) Enjoy your new friends and the hobby.
Corals/Plants: Local rocks - Hardscape with 4' Driftwood
Tank Size: 220 gallons
About Yourself: Hello Guys, thank you for voting!!! I started with a Betta a few years ago on my office desk, LOL. I knew nothing about fish keeping when I started. I went and purchased a 30 gallon freshwater tank and all the starter stuff, I enjoyed community tank environments which lead to add a 90 gal aquarium next. Another thing was dealing with independent fish stores (not big box for advice) and talking with the owners they helped me add compatible mates because this reduces aggression and my sanity. All my fish are aggressive and you have to be willing to remove a tank mate if they are not fitting in (exchange it or give it away after trying to isolating it for a couple days in a hang on plastic jail). I found the larger the tank the easier it was to maintain the water condition, less swings and this made the whole experience more enjoyable for me. I took the plunge six months ago to add a built-in 220 gallon aquarium which is in the picture here, I love it!!! I do two 25% water changes every week because I like to feed my fish lots (2x?s a day) but with that comes the work of maintaining the chemistry and canister cleanings. I feed fresh in the morning and granules in the late afternoon to keep everyone happy. Note: I also started with hang on filters but found that when I would come home I could smell the fish; this was solved with installing a closed filtration system (Canister filtration) huge difference and well worth the money. I have learned lots from talking with long time fish people, reading and watching online. Have a great day, thanks again for your vote.


Dude im jealous. Tank looks absolutely wicked. CANADA EH!? lol fish avatar


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