Photo #0 - Improved With Diy Co2. - Angelfish, Emperor Tetra...

Submitted By: EZ Law on
Photo Caption: Improved with DIY CO2.

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Country: Malaysia
Description: 17 gallon tank.
Advice: Buy as many fish books as possible! Information is too important!
Fish Kept: angelfish, emperor tetras, congo tetras, rainbowfish, discus, glassfish, platys, zebra danio, banana shrimp.
Corals/Plants: just some tropical plants.
Tank Size: 17 gallons
Quote: The world is round for a reason. You keep running around it until it is time for you to go.
About Yourself: Just a normal guy that loves fish.


It's nicely set out but WAY overstocked for so small a tank. fish avatar
Tank is nice but half of fish should be enough, no angel and discus fish avatar
Need a bigger tank of at least 35 gallons fish avatar
That tank is too small for the discus and angel fish, you should consider finding a bigger home for them. Nice tank though fish avatar