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State: Minnesota
Country: United States
Description: 75 gallon Flourescent lighting Empereor 400 filter 300 watt heater
Advice: Be prepared to spend money...a lot of money. The cheapest is not always the best. But 10 mins of watching your fish tank is worth every penny. I look at a fish tank as playing god in a sense, you're creating and maintaining an entire closed loop eco-system. Seeing your fish happy is an indicator of your skill and passion for fishkeeping. Oh and never buy rocks, that's just crazy.
Fish Kept: So far- 9 rummy nose tetras, 5 corys, 3 glass catfish, 2 golden gouramis (male and female), 2 kribensis cichlids (male and female), 1 albino pleco, So far everyone is getting along!
Corals/Plants: I honestly don't know what plants I ended up picking up but I've got about 8 or so young plants that will hopefully grow bigger soon. I've got a small piece of driftwood with a plant growing out of it. I plan on getting a couple more larger pieces of driftwood. I've got two rock caves built with other river rocks scattered around. Nice natural gravel lining the bottom.
Tank Size: 75 gallons
About Yourself: I'm a 22 year old undergrad senior at the University of Minnesota, majoring in Psychology. My parents always kept fish so they were just always around and I took them for granted. One day last year I decided to get a betta and well things just took off from there. Now I've got a 75 gallon.


no i didn't use pressurized co2, and yes they bred in the tank...they can't seem to stop having babies i don't know what to do with all of them ha fish avatar
Did you use pressurized CO2? and did your kribensis breed in the tank? :P lol sorry for asking. fish avatar


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