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400 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 400+ gallon mixed bag tank
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Photo Caption: 400+ gallon mixed bag tank
freshwater fish - heros serverus - green severum stocking in 400 gallons tank - Green Severum Name: "Sevvy" Size: 10" Really silly fish, they hide up and ponce around all the time. They do headstands and like to bite hairs of your arms when you clean em out. He lives with guppies, platies, swordtails, "Roger" (ram), neons, etc. Bearing in mind some of his tankmates are smaller than his eye, he has never eaten any of them (except by accident if they happen to be attached to a bloodworm). However one issue, he absolutely HATES keyhole cichlids and will shred them if given half the chance. Even holding a photo of one up against the tank sets him off. Got no idea why. These fish really are very, very silly.
freshwater fish - herichthys cynoguttatus - texas cichlid stocking in 400 gallons tank - Texas Cichlid
freshwater fish - microgeophagus altispinosa - bolivian ram stocking in 400 gallons tank - Bolivian (Red) Ram Name: "Roger" Peaceful (now) fish, lives with the guppies these days, as his rowdy days are over (he's 5 years old now). Great to keep a couple if you've got the space. They're constant efforts at postulating are better than any political election.
freshwater fish - thorichthys meeki - firemouth cichlid stocking in 400 gallons tank - Firemouth Cichlid Name: "Reggie" Doesn't really like humbug, or anything else for that matter. Has many offspring. Did bite the cat once when the cat fell in the bath where Reggie was enjoying some quality time during tank maintenance.
freshwater fish - nandopsis octofasciatum - jack dempsey stocking in 400 gallons tank - Jack Dempsey Name: "Kurgen" Pic was taken a while back, he's 11" now. Generally placid, lurks around under bogwood most of the time. Likes to eat earthworms, bloodworms, dragonflies, crickets and chicken balls from the chinese takeaway. Also ate a 4" Pseudotropheus Lombardoi recently after a friend slipped it in the tank without telling me - this type of Malawi is fearlessly and blindly aggressive which included bailing up Kurgen, which was kinda dumb as he's 11" long and possesses teeth. He gets along with everything else and doesn't even harm the platies. Brilliant fish.
freshwater fish - herichthys cynoguttatus - texas cichlid stocking in 400 gallons tank - Texas Cichlid Name: "JR" LOL Actually female. Not nasty except when she wants to breed, and she only fancies "Kurgen" (a big dempsey) who doesn't like her much. Likes to eat tiger barbs.
freshwater fish - archocentrus nigrofasciatus - black convict cichlid stocking in 400 gallons tank - Convict Cichlid Name: "Humbug" Appears cute, isn't.
400 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 400+ gallon mixed bag tank

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: Primary tank: 9'x2.5'x2.5' 2xFluval FX5 filters 1x2500lph power head for home made under gravel jetting system 3x80w 4' light tubes (whoops, different K values, that's why the left side is whiter than the right, better fix that) 3x300w caged heaters Secondary tank: 6'x2.5'x2' 2xEheim 400litre filters 2xDaylight tubes 2xPlant gro tubes 2x300w fluval tronic heaters
Advice: Start gradually. Dont over crowd Dont over feed Big tanks are easier to manage. Dont skimp on decor as it reduces aggression between species and reduces stress on scaredy fish coz they can hide up. Many plants are very sensitive to water chemistry, persevere to find the right type. And buy decent filters and heating systems
Fish Kept: Various south american cichlids (dempsey, texas, brasiliensis, a few firemouths, cons) Mbuna & Hemichromis variants Aequidens Bala sharks, black sharks, clown loach, other botia, ancistrus, pictus, synodontis, a dozen corys, danios and even a shoal of platies :) A mad mixture of fish, but there's plenty of room and tank is stable and peaceful except at feed time. Other (6ft) tank has guppies, platies, swordtails, corys, rams and a big ol' severum who's just celebrated his 8th birthday
Corals/Plants: Cryptocorynes, swords, anubias, vallus, canadian pondweed, water lettuce, dwarf water lillies. For the bigger hericthys, fake plants are better although they don't like to eat java moss.
Tank Size: 400 gallons
About Yourself: Used to breed koi when i was a kid


Wonderful Tank- Thanks also for putting the time in to do the interesting descriptions of your great looking fish :) fish avatar
Wooow... .. really nice its like an ocean in your house!!!! fish avatar
This picture is amazing!!!!! Your tank is perfect. I would even go as far as to say it's my dream tank. 340 more gallons and I'll be right there with ya man. fish avatar
unbeleiveably(spelling?) beautiful. my jaw dropped when i saw this. i really hope you show this off to your friends. WOW is all i can say fish avatar
Oh my god your tank is so lush. when ive got enough money im going to have a tank like that and get a few puffers and things. anywho great tank must be a hell of a job to clean and thw water bills must cost you a bit of money lol. well compared to my 50 litres this is like 500000000 times better than mine. Great job 10/10 fish avatar
Awesome tank! fish avatar
Thanks, it took 3 months to setup ! :( fish avatar
looks great fish avatar


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