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Photo Caption: 10 gallon aquarium tank with an Eleven-inch swin through log with one medium and one large sized fake plants. 1 Fancy Goldfish 1 Shubunkin 1 Ghost Koi
10 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 10 gallon aquarium tank with an Eleven-inch swin through log with one medium and one large sized fake plants. 1 Fancy Goldfish 1 Shubunkin 1 Ghost Koi

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State: Alabama
Country: United States
Description: Basically a work in progress, Lighting: Aqua/white TopFin lights (was an aqua color, but the color has faded) Filter: TopFin 10 with TopFin filters Plants: One medium and one large ceramic plant Other: 11-inch plastic swim through log I know im just mostly using cheap topfin supplies, but its all i can afford as of now.
Advice: Always take great care of your fish, keep their tank as clean as possible, and be sure to keep them happy and relaxed. Keep them in an environment thats pleasing and home feeling to them.
Fish Kept: Some of your typical goldfish Koi Shubunkins Fancy goldfish Black moors (i think thats their name ;P) Comet Goldfish Betas (Male) Algae Eaters hopefully soon Bala Sharks :D All of these fish i either have or had in an aquarium or bowl
Corals/Plants: Large ceramic and medium sized ceramic plants
Tank Size: 10 gallons
About Yourself: Well ive just started the whole aquarium thing, and im trying my best to keep my fish happy for the moment. I live in the boondocks basically (east alabama) but i plan on staying for a while. When im not staring deeply into my tank, im normally outside messing with my dogs, or just playing videogames :D All of my fish supplies i bought with my hard-earned money, and its gonna stay that way.


Thanks guys for the comments/advice. And yes i know the Ghost Koi is terribly cramped. It was a fish my mom bought me so i just kept it around, My Grandfather has a 75-gallon pond im transplanting all of them too, since they are getting way to big for it. And im surprised nobody asked abbout that horrible algae splot on the back, but that is cleaned up. The fish seem to be happy with their TEMPORARY home for now. I will post another pic of the tank once ive transplanted these and re-stocked it with some smaller fish. Thanks! -Darian fish avatar
This is a nice tank but its terrible stock wise, that ghost koi needs 80 gallons atleast as its a POND fish and the goldfish need 20 atleast gallons, not even one will fit, i suggest getting much smaller fish such as tetras or minnows for coldwater choice fish avatar


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