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Photo Caption: 55 Gallon

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State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Description: 55 Gallon Central/South American Cichlid Tank (Excluding the Snook which is a bony fish, although it is from Central America. and also the Pleco) Contains Local River rocks from Southeastern Pennsylvania. Currently using the Fluval 305 Canister Filter. (Gravity Fed)
Advice: RINSE your Play-Sand.
Fish Kept: One 10 inch Red Oscar, one 7 inch Green Terror, one 5 inch "Green" Pike Cichlid-(hiding in-between the middle two rocks), one 6 inch Snook, and one 9 inch pleco.
Corals/Plants: None
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: "You come at the king, you best not miss."- Omar Little


nice tank don't listen to that other guy!!! fish avatar
you need a bigger tank and a lot more filtration, i think you need at least 135 gallon tank! fish avatar