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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: my 10 gallon tank is planted with both real and faux plants, with two pieces of mica that I light up from underneath the tank at night. I also have a large piece of natural glass on top of one of the bubble stones. my light is a standard light but sometimes I use gel sheets (clear, colored, plastic sheets used in live theater lighting) to create a really cool night affect. My filter is a tetra fish brand filter, and so is my heater and air pump.
Advice: Don't go to the pet shop and try to pinch a penny, or you'll end up with something cheap. Fish tank's are not also a science but also a great deal of fun. especially decorating them. and also it's ok to think out side the box when doing so. just make sure your fish all get along, and spoil them with food regularly. they say betta fish are best kept alone, and that's not entirely true. in my experience, most bettas do fine with most fish if they have space for themselves. just get have at least a 5 gallon tank.
Fish Kept: I have a total of 22 fish. 9 baby kirbenses, 4 angle fish, 2 cherry shrimp, 2 sun catfish, 4 mollies (1 of them is a boy), and 1 boy Betta fish. I didn't name my kirbenses as they all look alike, but my angle fish are Micheal, Gabreal, Rapheal, and Ureal. My smaller cat fish is Sven, and my big catfish is Ceasar. My mollie are Horus, Aphrodite, Isis, and Mystery. My betta's name is Posidon. My two cherry shrimp's names are Cheif, and Picasso.
Corals/Plants: I don't know what their called to be honest.
Tank Size: 10 gallons
Quote: " I Don't Like Defining Myself, I Just Am" Britney Spears
About Yourself: Lets see I'm a Leo born in the year of the bunny. I like most people until they prove me wrong. I am currently on the verge of becoming a renaissance man. I invest in both stocks and real estate, I go to school for Hotel Management, And I work alot as a bartender. I work hard and play harder, on top of all that I still look good. I enjoy going to clubs/dancing, skiing, working out, reading, and making music. I'm a big time music junkie, I use to dance professionally and still do sometimes, for me it's a spiritual high. My traits include but are not limited to: charming, suave, thoughtful, graceful, creative, intuitive, intelligent, cultured, open minded, magnanimous, generous, spontaneous, outgoing, honest, caring, strong mined, out spoken, arrogant, conceited, cocky, disdain, vulgar, egotistical, obstinent, and spendthrift.


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