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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: This is my First "African Cichlid tank". It is a 75 gallon tank Dimensions - L-48, W-18, D-20.5 Lighting - CORALIFE 50/50 6000K, Actinic 03 (1 Tube) Filtration - 1 EHEIM Classic 2213 (Canister BIO Filter) and 1 PENGUIn 350 (BIOwheel Filter) Rocks - Rainbow Rocks (white and red colored stones) - Rainbow Slate (mostly red) - LAVA rocks - Reef Bones (maintains PH level) - Porous Rocks Gravel - Carib Sea African Cichlid Mix - 20 Lbs Estes Blend O River Gravel - 20 Lbs Florida Crushed Coral - 5 Lbs Aeration maintained @ 50% through an Air Tubing which is spread under the rocks (you can see air bubbles coming out) AMMONIA - 0 ppm NITRITE - 0 ppm PH - 8.0 NITRATE - 5 ppm Partial water change ( every 4 weeks ) and use "AMQUEL PLUS" for removing nitrites etc (have used it just once) and then NOVAQUA water conditioner. These 2 work really well.
Advice: This tank of mine is 8 weeks old now and at this point I have 18 fishes (list given below) and I am planning to get atleast 6-7 more. CICHLIDS are beautiful fishes and they will keep your tank very active (as they are aggressive) and it is fun to watch them. But then, everything comes at a price :-) Yes, I am talking about maintaining your tank well and as long as you have good conditions in your tank, any fish will thrive. My advice for the new hobbyists is that if you are planning to set up an aquarium, first check the condition of your TAP water and see how bad it looks. You can use API's test KIT to measure the levels of these chemicals and then can use AMQUEL products to remove them (they really work). ALso, when you set up a fresh tank, make sure that you give at least 3-4 weeks before you introduce any fish. Initially you can actually go an ask for some bio balls (go to PETLAND) as they really expedite the cycling process by providing "Nitrifying bacterias".You can also use a NITRIFYING BACTERIA" bottle for introducing bacterias in your tank. Well, you must be thinking that why I have written such a big story..well trust me I know what a person goes through when he has to set up a new tank. Luckily I had my very good friend - SUJESH who helped me out and then there was BIG ALs. South Florida residents can actually go to BIG AL's and ask for DON as he knows a lot about AFRICAN CICHLIDS. Well, I think the space is getting bigger and bigger with what I have written so I will just stop here. Enjoy the photos which I took today (08/18/2007)
Fish Kept: 1 Yellow Lab 3 Odessa Barb 2 Auratus Gold (Male and Female) 1 Rainbow Boesemari 1 Rainbow 1 Gold Barb 3 Peacocks 1 Orange Zebra 1 Mainganos Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos 1 Blue Cichlid (not sure of the name) 1 PLECO 1 South American Cichlid 1 Jewel Cichlid 1 Diamond Cichlid
Corals/Plants: Artificial plants...well plants don't go very well with CICHLIDS as they are diggers and it wont be long when you'll get up in the morning and find your plants uprooted and floating at the top :-)
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: Live life FISHTYLE !
About Yourself: I am a software consultant working for AMERICAN EXPRESS and I developed this hobby of fishes 1 year back. I started of with a 10 gallon tank ;-) no kidding !!! and had 3 goldfishes in it, then I moved on to a 55 gallon, sold it and got a 75 gallon tank 2 months back. Before my 75 gallon I had goldfishes and this is first time I am keeping CICHLIDS.


Great picture of the tank buddy! Nice work and nice to see my name here :D and to say the least, I got inspired to keep fish after seeing your first 10 gallon gold fish tank.. fish avatar


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