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Photo Caption: morning photo 4/2/09 (lights have been on for 45 minutes) so not in full bloom. I'm always at work so didn't have time to get a better shot.

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State: Illinois
Country: United States
Description: 90 gallon glass tank. Bak Pak skimmer 400 series hang on filter 2 T5HO 18,000k 2 T5HO 460K 1 T5 460K 5 power heads skimmer filter combo
Advice: The New Marine Aquarium step-by-step setup & stocking by Michael S. Paletta This book was a good read and has lots of basic tips exc.
Fish Kept: 2 clowns (mated pair) another small clown yellow tang hippo tang pajama cardinal yellow head sleeper six line wrasse purple lobster & blue leg crabs & snails
Corals/Plants: pom pom pulsing xenia couple finger leathers colt coral (clown home) gonipora zoos large polyps mushrooms few kinds fungia spongs and some unknowns!
Tank Size: 90 gallons
About Yourself: Been keeping and growing my reef since 2004


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