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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: 55 gal. whisper AP 300 air pump whisper 30/60 filtration unit w/carbon& buffer unit 2 aqua clear 50's w/carbon,amoina&buffing units a big heater im not sure of the brand
Advice: it takes time and money. a good investment make sure you check the pH and nitrates often frequent water changing is always a plus gravel sweeping is nesassary with any large tank any tank that is not appreciated, will not last.
Fish Kept: 11in.& 5in. iridescent/pangasius shark's 9in& 5in bala' shark's 2- 8in.feeder goldfish atleast 5inchs around 9in.&4in male and female algae eaters(catfish style) 3 med.tetra's 7in peacock eel all fish are measured in length without the back fin..
Corals/Plants: no live, but tall rock molded bottom fake plants. a huge teracotta pot with many holes one med.holed log many orig. rock from beaches with earth toned pebbles
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: why not...
About Yourself: i live with many houses animals, i love them to death. i spend alot of time with my fish. i have it in a mane room, where it catches eyes all day long. my fish have been with me at least 5 years, and i learn each one's "fish"inality. i truly enjoy my fish tank and will always own one for the rest of my life.


OMG i wanted to ask the exact thing, that happened to me of the IKE thing because I live in Houston and at that time you no there was no power...so what can you recommend me because I have no idea what to do and in this crazy city you need to be prepared?? But what really worries me is the heating ...don't you think fish would need there temperature as to the air pump or which? fish avatar
i just went through a power outage due to "IKE". and i am sorry to say, but i lost two fish due to no air.My best advice to any fish lover... a battery powered air pump. if i would have had one, i could have never lost my fish.its a bad but good experience ive learned. And it will never happen again. fish avatar


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