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55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations)
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corals inverts stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's little girl (Mya) is full as a tick!
corals inverts stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Shot of Mya Feasting
freshwater fish - aequidens rivulatus - green terror stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Close-Up of The Green Terror !!!
freshwater fish - ancistrus sp. - bushy nose pleco l-144 stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Bushy Nose Pleco
freshwater fish - ambystoma mexicanum - axolotl stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Axolotl (in another tank): Mya
freshwater fish - betta splendens - halfmoon betta stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Half-Moon Betta (in another tank): Uriah!
freshwater fish - heros severus x amphilophus citrinellum - blood parrot stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Parrot Cichlid: Corky
freshwater fish - herichthys cynoguttatus - texas cichlid stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Texas Cichlid: Toutix
freshwater fish - maylandia greshakei - red top cobalt zebra stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Ice Blue Mbuna: Icey
freshwater fish - tetraodon biocellatus - figure 8 puffer stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemonds Figure 8 Puffer Fish: Loki
corals inverts - procambarus sp. - marble crayfish stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Crayfish: Big Daddy
corals inverts - procambarus sp. - hammers cobalt blue lobster stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Australian Blue Lobster: Joey
freshwater fish - sciaenochromis ahli - electric blue cichlid stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Electric Blue Ahli Cichlid: Bloo
freshwater fish - archocentrus nigrofasciatus - pink convict cichlid stocking in 55 gallons tank - Brikemond's Pink Convict: Mrs. Pink
55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations)

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: 55 gallon (48Lx12Wx21H), 2 aquaClear 200 power filters (I prefer these to the canister filters cause of the whole outta sight outta mind thing, if they are where I can see them then I wont forget...LOL), undergravel filter w/carbon outlets, and a Hi-Lite aquarium lighting system( these are great for spotlighting something or above the water for a shimmering affect at night), 1 20"coral sun lite(I only use one of these on one side cause it creates a cool cave like effect during the day)
Advice: Don't believe that American and South American Cichlids can't go together. That's a crock. We raised ours together and they do well.... Also, Keep a variety like our fish with our Tinfoil Barbs. They help keep down the tempermant of the tank. Ummm......Make sure you always treat your water for water changes. (I know. Like, Duh!)
Fish Kept: 1 Figure 8 Puffer ------------------ Loki: Hi. I love to swim up and down and the sides of the tank ALL day. I wish I wasn't such a picky eater. All I like to eat is live ghost shrimp but I will settle for cichlid flakes. 1 Crayfish ---------------------- Big Daddy 1 Firemouth Cichlid -------------- Queen (and in the backround) 2 Tinfoil Barbs ------------ Tweak & Spazz 1 Green Terror Cichlid ------ Green Terror 1 Ahli Electric Blue Cichlid ------- Bloo 1 Yellow Lab. Cichlid ------------ 2B 1 Ice Blue Mbuna Cichlid -------- Icey 1 Pink Convict Cichlid ------------ Mrs. Pink 1 Texas Cichlid ------------------- Toutix 1 Jeweled Cichlid----------Jewel
Corals/Plants: Plastic (but soon to be mixed with Anacharis plants for chew toys...LOL)
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: "Get some sour cream and onion chips, and some dip man, and some beef jerky, and some peanut butter. Get some Haggen Daz ice cream bars, a whole lot of Ha..., make sure chocolate, gotta have chocolate man, some popcorn, bread popcorn, graham crackers, gra
About Yourself: 2 of us have this tank. Me: Mikey, I am a culinary chef graduate. I have always had crazy amounts of animals. It started out with buying a betta then another for a friend. Then that graduated up to 6 bettas. From there we got a 10 gallon tank from a friend with a filter and turned it into a brackish tank and got some Cory Catfish and Cichlids and BAM!!!! Graduated up to 55 gal! LOL...Sad but True....HAHAHAHAHA. My right hand man Desmond, I met in culinary school. He took the sensible route and bought a couple in depths books and read them cover to cover and worked at Petco. He IS the walking Fish Encyclopedia. Try him. We dare ya.


You have a weird combination of fish together (and a crayfish) but you seem to be pulling it off so great job like jester i tried a blue lobster in a tank filled with aggressives he didn't make it to the bottom. fish avatar
OK .How did u do u fancy link up with your pictures/website,,,share with Sugar bear,LOL ...please,,really cool fish avatar
Thanks for the comment. Your feedback helped regaurding the photos. I just got this computer and it's my first one so all this is new to me. Thanks again! fish avatar
How is your crayfish doing with the cichlids? They don't bother him? How big is she? I had one with 2 oscars years ago, but ended up a nice snack fish avatar


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