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State: Georgia
Country: United States
Description: 75 gallon long. lighting is the two stage sunlight moonlight unit, about $150, great and worth the money. if you think your fish look great under that store bought light, upgrade and you'll be amazed. two filters (marineland emperor 400 & 280) because of the biowheels. if your new to this, get a filter with a biowheel! substrate is the small river pebble for the natural touch. i wanted sand, but had a hard time finding it in my area for some reason. all rock is lace rock, about 45 pounds total and they love it. powerhead for water movement and to give the fake plants a little more life, the real plants move gracefully.
Advice: if your going to get into the hobby, as some call it, be prepared with extra funds over your budget. there is tons that you won't realize you need until, you need it. give it your all, to get the most out of your fish, they should be healthy. they'll bemore active, colorful, and interact with you much differently when healthy. Last, do not take advice from people who work at the national chain petstores!!! Seek online forums and sites for more acurate information to your questions. My intro to fish was a 1o gallon and three oscars, which was advised by the 17 yr old worker at the pet store. big big mistake.
Fish Kept: cichlids, all malawi. mix of peacocks, haps, labs, mbuna. all range from 1" to about 4". There are 35 total. i think i have about outgrown the tank. a 130 gallon is next.
Corals/Plants: have 10 live plants, and slowly adding more to replace the plastic ones to get the natural feel both for myself and the fish. they are a mix of plants from the plant store, which one day i will gather the ones that they don't eat.
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: no qoute
About Yourself: got into the hobby from my 2 year old son. we went to get him a betta and bowl, walked out with a 30 gallon and some tropicals. upgraded him to a 55, and bought myself a 75! It is so addicting.


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