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Photo Caption: 75 gallon aquarium holding a Tiger Oscar, Jack Dempsey, and Blood Parrot. Planted with live ribbon plants and artificial fir hair aquarium plants.
freshwater fish stocking in 75 gallons tank - Jack Dempsey
75 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 75 gallon aquarium holding a Tiger Oscar, Jack Dempsey, and Blood Parrot. Planted with live ribbon plants and artificial fir hair aquarium plants.

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State: Louisiana
Country: United States
Description: AquaClear Power Filter model 110 (biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration) ViaAqua QUARTZ Heater (300 watts) Top Fin Aquarium Background Cling FLUVAL 35 watt LED light fixture (comes with infrared remote control for changing color and sky setting quickly and easily)
Advice: 20 - 30 % water changes every other week. Water change + Gravel Vac tank once a month. When keeping the semi aggressive and aggressive fish I usually spread out "Cichlid Gold" pellets on one side for the larger fish (Jack Dempsey and Oscar) while the juvenile Blood Parrot eats pellet on the opposite side of tank. I do use live plants in my tank which I don't recommend, for they rip them out my gravel one or two times a week. I only keep them my tank because they look good. I usually have problems with a high Ph (7.6 - 7.8), but the logs I keep in the tank and extra aeration brings it down. When decorating your tank, be sure to leave a plentiful amount of swimming room, but at the same time have unique hiding places for fish. My cichlids are territorial and in my aquarium I keep places where each of them can sleep at night without being discovered. Some fish don't like a lot of light! My cichlids seem more active when my light is very dim. Also, don't keep your lights on for too long. LEDs are great for being able to not raise temperature dramatically in your aquarium but they still promote algae growth. Logs and walls of aquarium will fill up with algae. I do have two small plecostomeses to help, but that doesn't ge the job done. Best thing to do is when it really shows take a toothbrush and scrape it off the walls and decorations. Then scoop up floating algae with your net. This doesn't 100% work in all areas, but I highly recommend getting your fish and help from local pet stores instead of businesses such as Petco and Petsmart. These places are fine for getting equipment for smaller aquariums, but local places usually can help you create a safer habitat for your fish.
Corals/Plants: Ribbon plants (live) Fir Hair aquarium plants (artificial)
Tank Size: 75 gallons


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