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State: Texas
Country: United States
Description: 120 gallon cichlid tank, i have rena xp4 filstar rated for up to 260 U.S gallons, 2 maxi jet 1200 power heads, 300 watt heater, 120 pounds of cichlid substrate, digital thermometer, red and blue l.e.d lights for the night when turned on at night they high light different parts of the tank (really cool) and about 150 pounds of holly rock.
Advice: if want to be successful with cichlids get the holly rock they love it and they tend to show their natural behavior also keep up with the water changes every 2 weeks sounds like a chore at but it pays off. and when you go get your cichlid qt a fish shop make sure you dont get any from the tank that says assortment cichlids because chances are they are hybrid and thus they are not the real mccoy. Oh and before i end dont forget to research what type of cichlids you have they can get a little pricey and you dont want to put them with other cichlid that going to kill them. thats just the beginning
Fish Kept: restarting
Corals/Plants: if any one knows anything about cichlids you cant have real plants in there with them.
Tank Size: 120 gallons
Quote: jesus love you
About Yourself: My name is Ruben and to start off i want to let yall know that i am a christian. My fiance is the reason I got in this hobby. She likes to be out side alot so i thought i would take her to this creek and so i did and when we got their there was a lot of baby cat fish swimming around the surface of the water and she thought that they where so cute so i caught a couple for here and we took them home and then i really enjoyed watching them swim around then i bought a ten gallon then a twenty gallon now i have a 120 gallon and i know3 love cichlids my wife to be still loves those cat fish so if any body knows cool species of cat fish let me know thanks and just to note i am in he aviation industry i really love air planes!!!!! COMMENTS AND ADVICE ARE WELCOME!!!!!!


I love Jesus too :D and your fishtank looks nice too! fish avatar


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