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150 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - 2yrs in the making!
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Photo Caption: 2yrs in the making!
150 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - 2yrs in the making!

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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: 150gal Freshwater All-Glass, 72 long x 18 x 29 tall, 18w UV sterilizer, 1200gph Mag-drive, 72in Coralife lunar aqualight (96x 4 (2 Blue + 2 Natural), Black modern stand & canopy, sand substrate w/fertilizer balls, slate / limestone rocks. All live plants. Malaysian drift wood, & some grape vine. Titanium heater in sump. Model 4 All-Glass filter. Lights on programmable timer. Use RO for adding small amounts of water, but use tap water for regular changes. Home Brew CO2 + carbon suppliment. PetMountain has AWESOME pricing on supplies!
Advice: Do your water changes & don't over feed the fish!!! Change out filter pad regularly, and add liquid fertilizer on a regular basis. Take your time, and know what you are buying before adding new fish to the tank. Boil driftwood to kill any bacteria or parasites, etc.. and let cool before adding to tank. It will also help remove tannins (brown color, particles, etc..) that leach into the water, although the tannins are prefered in some cases to soften the water. Buy filter media from local fish store as bulk "Pond Filter Media" and cut to size for your sump filter --- saves a lot of money. We reinforced the floor from the basement with 3 addtional floor joists (2x8x12) so there are 5 2x8x12's supporting the tank, and a support post directly under the tank. (that's a lot of weight!!)
Fish Kept: Tiger Bards, albino tiger barbs, a few south americans - nicaguense, firemouth, a bunch convicts, siamese & chinese algae eaters. Keep areas to hide in back, keep plants to the front. Fish seem to do fine with the live plants (don't dig, or eat excessively).
Corals/Plants: Anubias bateri, amazon swords, java fern, java moss, various anubias
Tank Size: 150 gallons
About Yourself: I've enjoyed freshwater aquariums since a very young age (2yrs old). When I was 3, I fed our family tank a bag of chocolate chips because I thought they were hungy. =) I've learned a few things since then, and find that after doing online research on aquarium topics.... that there are some really brilliant minds on this stuff! I have been in IT for the last 8yrs, and really enjoy getting away from things when working on my aquarium (It's stress free!). I now find the maintenance quite relaxing.


Nice thematic arrangement. The green color has a wild, secretive almost radioactive look about it. Plants on a inclined plane...humm, interesting, I like it! fish avatar
WOW..what snad base are you using? fish avatar
one word.....excellent! fish avatar


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