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75 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - my main tank picture taken on 11/3/06
corals inverts - acropora humilis - vivid evergreen acropora coral stocking in 75 gallons tank - got it few month ago
corals inverts - montipora digitata - indigo digitata coral stocking in 75 gallons tank - 20
corals inverts - alveopora sp. - alveopora coral, branched stocking in 75 gallons tank - 19
corals inverts - zoanthus sp. - colony polyp stocking in 75 gallons tank - 17
corals inverts stocking in 75 gallons tank - 16
corals inverts - zoanthus sp. - colony polyp stocking in 75 gallons tank - 15
75 gallons saltwater fish tank (mostly fish, little/no live coral) - refugium 30 gl
corals inverts - montipora capricornis - montipora capricornis, orange stocking in 75 gallons tank - 13
corals inverts - sarcophyton sp. - toadstool mushroom leather coral stocking in 75 gallons tank - 12
corals inverts - acropora sp. - roscoe's blue acropora coral stocking in 75 gallons tank - 11
corals inverts - euphyllia paradivisa - frogspawn coral stocking in 75 gallons tank - 10
corals inverts - trachyphyllia geoffroyi - brain coral, trachyphyllia stocking in 75 gallons tank - 9
corals inverts - euphyllia glabrescens - torch coral stocking in 75 gallons tank - 8
corals inverts - zoanthus sp. - green polyps stocking in 75 gallons tank - 7
corals inverts - tridacna squamosa - squamosa clam stocking in 75 gallons tank - 6
corals inverts - protopalythoa sp. - button polyps stocking in 75 gallons tank - 5
corals inverts - tridacna crocea - crocea clam stocking in 75 gallons tank - 4
corals inverts - acropora sp. - branching acropora coral, blue stocking in 75 gallons tank - 2
corals inverts - seriatopora hystrix - birdsnest coral stocking in 75 gallons tank - corals

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State: Oregon
Country: United States
Description: Tank size is 75gl, plus 30gl refugium, and 45gl sump. Aquarium have 2 400w metal halide, 2 -96w blue actenic power compact light, 4 moonlight. This tank was originally skimmed by a Deltec AP850 for the first five months of operation, but I later changed to a Deltec AP902. Currently I am experimenting with a Deltec AP1004 in the setup. The tank has gotten better and better, with less algae and detritus. The real reason for my latest skimmer update is that I am planning to upgrade to a larger tank. An IKS Aquastarâ„¢ computer is my system's "brain." The IKS monitors the tank's temperature, the pH of the kalk reactor, measures the salinity and pH in the main tank as well as controlling the ORP, the lights and top-off water additions. Using a combination of the IKS, some dosing pumps and ancillary equipment makes it possible to have very stable water parameters. To provide calcium and alkalinity to the tank I use a Deltec PF601S kalk reactor and KM500S kalk stirrer. I use A.R.M media in my reactor and E.S.V. calcium hydroxide in the kalk stirrer. The kalk reactor runs at pH 6.5 during the day and 6.7 at night (the IKS controller can have separate day/night parameters). I discovered this provides a more stable Kh over a 24-hour period. I also use a P.O. "dual" chamber containing A.R.M media, located after the reactor, to raise the pH by 0.2 in the return water back to the sump. A chiller model sl 300 A 1/2 hors to keep it between 77-79 F. that's about it.
Advice: Stop Topping that damn Glassssss!!!!!!!
Fish Kept: 10 blue damslzzz, 2 Naso tang , yellow tang, 2fireshrimps,2 cleaner shrimps, 1 sea orcher, ect. i'm more like a corals hobbiest, so all my $$$ i spend on them.
Corals/Plants: total coral numbers are: hard corals 12 soft corals and leather corals, ect. are about 29.
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: let the tank develop naturally with minimal interference
About Yourself: Oreginally i'm from Ukrain, so tell you right away sorry for my spelling errors wich i have ALOT. SOrry. Now i live in Oregon, I started my first saltwater tank in 2003. I have been in and out of the hobby a few times due to work-related issues, but my interest in marine aquariums has never waned. Today we are living in a different world with so many more technical enhancements, which is one of the things, along with those few years of trying and testing, that made it possible.


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