Photo #1 - 4 Foot Cichlid Tank - Approximately 16 Cichlids I...

52 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 4 foot Cichlid tank
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Photo Caption: 4 foot Cichlid tank
52 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 4 foot Cichlid tank

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Country: Australia
Description: Cichlid Tank, Eheim 2228 external, Eheim 2015 external, Hydor ETH 300W external heater, 40W GloPower light,
Advice: Be patient and keep learning!
Fish Kept: Approximately 16 Cichlids including Peacocks, Tangerines, Electric Yellow, Kingsizey, Blue Dolphin, Red Empress, Red Peacock, Lombadi pair, and a few baby Hongi's as the adults appear to be breeding. Plus a few more...
Corals/Plants: Crushed coral sand substrate, Volcanic rock, Coral from my old Marine aquarium.
Tank Size: 52 gallons
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Thanks Gregory, the sand is actually finely crushed coral and the only thing I do to clean it is stir it up a bit when I do the water changes. I don’t clean out the poos, I just stir up the sand which seams to break them up and the filters remove them (the filters have been running for about 14 years each so maturity is not a problem). I experienced fighting when I had less fish however more fish in the tank tends to break down their territorial instincts (even have fish breading in their). However if you are going to stock yours up then good filtration, high water flow, regular water testing and changes are vital (and add fish gradually). It’s a balancing act between ensuring good water quality and having the right amount of fish… not always easy… The biggest impact change I have made over the last few years is I now feed my fish exclusively on pellets. The reason being is that it helps ensure a consistent environment rather than feeding a combination of pellets, meat, brine etc… Remember, everything you put in the tank impacts water quality, especially food waste. The fish are a lot healthier and water quality more consistent since making this simple change. fish avatar
I see our local pets shops always have different stock to foriegners. I like those fish and i've been lucky enough to have some really great ones too. Is it easy to clean that sand and doesn't get dirty quiet quickly? I'm suprsied they dont look like they fight in such an open looking tank. What did or do you feel was the worst thing you could have done or choices you made when and during the owning of your cichlids? i know its a wide question but i want to learn all i can.. fish avatar


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