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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: Custom 105g Starfire Glass - Rimless Floating Canopy Cantilevered into wall on brackets. Entire canopy slides off for maintenance. Wiring inside walls.
Advice: It's an obsession
Fish Kept: Ocellaris Clownfish, Black Ocellaris, Royal Gramma Basslet, One Spot Foxface, Midas Blenny, Tomini Tang, Green Mandarin, Blue Hippo Tang, Cleaner Goby,Yellow Coris, Firefin
Corals/Plants: ORA ----------- Red Planet Bird of Paradise Pink Stylophora Joe the Coral Green Gecko Green Birdsnest Green Bali Slimer Blue Hawkins Echinata Cali Blue Tort Miami Orchid Tri-Color Valida Borealis pearl berry Jason Fox ------------ JF Bloodshot Zoas JF Jackolantern Lepto JF Punk Rocker Zoas Cornbred ------------ CB Rock Star Zoas CB Inferno Insano Favia Reefraft ------------ Orange Passion Acro Vivid ----------- Rainbow Acro Tyree ------------ Steve Elias Stag Blue Chalice Zoanthids ----------- Lunar Eclipse Eagle Eyes Sunny D's Keds Reds Utter Chaos Halle Berries Fruit Loops Nuclear Green Palys Dragon eyes Jason Fox Punk Rockers Rastas Cornbread Rockstars Blue Hornets Red Hornets Jason Fox Bloodshots Magicians Mariculture SPS ------------ Teal Acro Green Lantern Bonsai Red Millipora Similar to ORA Chips Teal/yellow fuzzy Wild Caught ------------ Extra long polyp teal Milli Aquaculture SPS ------------ Strawberry Fields Dark Green bushy acro Blue/purple acro Yellow Millipora Dark green/red Millipora Green Ultra Acro Tri-color stag Green stag Blueberry acro Purple Bonsai Orange Montipora Setosa Red Montipora Cap Ultra Green Montipora Cap Mystic Sunset Montipora Fu Man Chu Acro Efflo Mushrooms ------------ Toadstool Mushroom Blue Red Orange Ricordia Teal/yellow Ricordia LPS Corals ------------ Green Frogspawn Aussie Gold Torch Green Hammer Red Cynarina Green Alveopora Pink Alveopora Red Goniopora War Coral Favia Duncan Red Acans Christmas Tree Acans Aussie Elegance Trumpets Aussie Red/Green Blasto Chalice ------------ WWC Rainbow Chalice Tyree (?) Blue Chalice Clams ------------ ORA Blue Maxima ORA Purple Maxima (?) Others ------------ Kenya Tree Sun Coral Clove Polyps Rainbow Cloves Green Star Polyps Pulsing Xenia Scleronephthya Anemone ------------ Orange Rock Flower Rainbow Bubble Tip
Tank Size: 105 gallons


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