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State: North Carolina
Country: United States
Description: Tank is 3 ft x 2 ft x 18 in lighting is a combination . I have 3 marineland singlebright LED fixtures for a total combined lumen output of 1202. 2 compact fluorescent 6500k rated at 600 lumens ea. 3 compact fluorescent 50/50 10,000k and true blue antinic. 1 t5 coral sun 420 antinic 3ft long and 1 t8 420 antinic 18 in. Total lumens well over 3200. Filtration is deep sandbed, live rock, 350 magnum canister filter serving as refugium as well as chemical mech. Filter. Prizm deluxe protein skimmer and wavemaker powerhead from zooaquatics. Macroalgea is used as well to control disolved organics, nitrates and add oxygen to the water
Advice: Read read read. Then find someone with experience and pick their brain. Listen to what worked for them and what didnt. Through it all you will still learn the most from trial and error but you can save a lot of time and money by listening to veteran aquarists.
Fish Kept: My critters: 2 firefish gobies they are a mated pair. A six-line wrasse. A mean little skunkback psuedochromis. A true percula clown mated to a false percula clown. My odd couple. A bi-color angel. A yellow-tail damsel. A pixy hawkfish. A scotter blenny. I have 1 anemone crab lives on a rock anemone. 1 urchin crab. 2 blue legged hermit crabs. 1 coral-banded shrimp and a few snails.
Corals/Plants: Corals : Frogspaw which the clowns are hosting in. Torch coral. Orange/golden acropora. Plating montipora. Neon green candy cane coral and blue center candycane coral. Spiny pectinia coral. A beautiful piece of neon green coral that appears to be encrusting. Hawaian fetherduster. Tan and green neon kenya tree. Toadstool leather and an umbrella leather. Yellow polyps and green buttom polyps. Green zooanthids. Red mushroom green mushrooms. Solid green star polyps. Neon green with white center star polyps. Yellow sponge white sponge and purple sponge all thriving and growing. 5 different rock anemones. 1 mini-max carpet anemone. Keato, featherbladed calupra, and halimeda macroalgea.
Tank Size: 70 gallons
Quote: A man has to know his limitations. Clint Eastwood
About Yourself: My dad first started my interest when I was 10 and he bought me my first tank. It was freshwater and I loved breeding guppies and swordfish. I gradually switched to saltwater as new technology improved the ability to keep saltwater aniamls alive. I have well over 25 years of aquarium keeping and consider myself an experienced aquarist.


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