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Country: United Kingdom
Description: This is a 4ft x 2ft x 2ft drilled single weir tank. Connected to a 3 teir system that includes a deep sand bed and Puffer Tank. Filtered by a 3ft sump system, with 3 stage media, Deltec Protein Skimmer and UV Vectron Steriliser. Lighting for main reef system is provided by a Silver Sun, double metal halides, with twin blue LED and twin moon glow T8's
Advice: Plan all projects carefully, be sure of the position you wish to place your tank, sump and pipe work, it is much easier to change the position of your tank while empty at this stage, then after it is filled with water and live stock. Visit local aquatic stores and talk with other customers so you can pick up advice and knowledge. Start of simple and build up your own experience before trying some of the harder specialist species. Research equipment and be prepared to pay a little more for equipment proven to work, then less efficient cheaper versions. Double check with your insurance company if you would be covered for any water damage if the worst should happen....most Insurance companies do not include this type of cover as standard.
Fish Kept: Regal Tang Yellow Damsel Sumatra Maroon Clown Fish Percula Clown Fish Royal Gamma 2 x Yellow Gobies Blue Cheek Goby Boxer Shrimp Dancing Shrimp Peppermint Shrimp Pink Reef Lobster Feather Duster Hermit Crabs Teddy Bear Crab Fire Shrimp
Corals/Plants: Various sized Toadstools Various sizes Mushroom Turbin Coral Yellow Polyps Brown Polyps Various colonies of Xenia Large Medusa Coral Hammer Coral Devil's Finger Cabbage Coral
Tank Size: 500 gallons
About Yourself: Hi, we have been in this hobby for at least 4 years, we prefer the soft leather corals, but are beginning to explore the world of hard corals. We recently downgraded from a 6ft system to a 3 tier system in order to raise some non reef safe fish and Inverts. We are hoping to invest in custom tank soon to begin coral fragging. We are trying to build a website and at the moment in its first beginning stages.


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