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State: Michigan
Country: United States
Advice: Bigger is always much better
Fish Kept: ur basic aquarium fish
Corals/Plants: lots
Tank Size: 32767 gallons
Quote: shit happens
About Yourself: im a CEO of a big company


Taking the overivew, this post is first class fish avatar
This picture was pulled from a magazine about home furnishings of the future. It was cart wimpy not a "fish" magazine. The fish kept are obviously not "just ur average aquarium fish," and I sure doubt this poster is a"CEO of a big company." It's a shame that such a poser wastes everyone's time with this. fish avatar
if seen somebody else with that same pic of the kitchen on here. im not sure what what website u got it from but its a nice aquarium fish avatar
woah. fish avatar
Theses are really beautiful tanks that really exist but they are not really Fishlover24's, lol (Wanna take bets on his kitchen pic as well?) FYI, for those interested, do a Google search for "Spacearium", a product made by "LookingClass Aquarium" You will get this photo and some other stunning examples. fish avatar
ive seen that exact photo on a few different sites,im not sure if any have been built or just renderings, but i hope everyone agrees that they are quite innovative,I would be interested in building something similar in the the future,obviosly the dude is a imposter fish avatar
that would be f******* amazing if it were real, dont care if its photoshop, still awesome fish avatar
their right it is photoshoped otherwise you wouldent have that angle of reflection on the floor fish avatar
Maybe a beautiful photo shop job. If that fish tank was really mounted in his loft over those water pipes and came out of the wall his loft would flood, and I highly doubt the floor above is strong enough to support such elaborate tanks, I'm an engineer and this is highly unlikely without me even seeing the property myself. Anyone could call themself a CEO, hell I'm my own CEO of my checking account. What a joke!!! (Hi to bertie411) If anyone wants to look at my tank feel free and I will check out all of yours as well as this is not even a real tank) People like this give people like us a bad name. fish avatar are sure thats a 32767 gallon tank? i think you may not have been entirely honest? fish avatar
i dont know if its your tank its just all over google images maybe it is urs i dont know fish avatar
lol this is a strange arguement nice tanks man fish avatar
o ya and he also cant spell SKATER, go back to school MR "CEO" fish avatar
lmao wow and fishlover doesnt sound like a pussy name at all... and yasher what ever the hell your name is, if you think this is not FAKE you mentaly retarted he doesnt know if its freshwater or marine, he obviously doesnt know the tank size, and if he can tell me what company he is a CEO of i might just belive his fake shit fish avatar
the office pics are real...maybe marine, but who cares, it's awesome. besides, the owner of this website had to approve these pictures, so anyone who calls this guy a fake calls the owner of this website a fake...think not fish avatar
you're an exceptional hobbyist...I'd prefer to give you a rating of 100...absolutely awesome!!! fish avatar
who the hell makes and user name sketer-fantic for a fish website who is the douche now fish avatar
wow if it were real it would be nice but its obviously not, its MARINE no freshwater you douche fish avatar
Yeah i agree with deathcow. Fishlover24 does not even know what fish or plants are in the tanks. I can see clearly that the stock of fish is Marine NOT freshwater. fish avatar
So fake, it's a poor chop job at Photoshop. fish avatar
WOW! Beautiful fish avatar


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