Photo #1 - Mr. Orange My Red Devil Cichlid In This Tank.

55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Mr. Orange my red devil cichlid in this tank.
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Photo Caption: Mr. Orange my red devil cichlid in this tank.
55 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Mr. Orange my red devil cichlid in this tank.

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State: Iowa
Country: United States
Description: This is a 55 gallon aquarium with oak stand and canopy. The fish is Mr. Orange my 6 year old red devil cichlid. It currently has 3 filters, 2 power filters on the back, one is a Whisper 20-40 gallon, the other is the Cascade 200. The real filtration happens in the Fluval 404 canister filter under the tank. I have Seaview aquarium background adhesive applied to the background, a bubble wand on the left that is under the pile of gravel, and a Marineland Stealth 200 watt heater. There is also a Marineland red LED bubble wall on the right. Also on the right, under the florescent light, I have a lavender filter, to help highlight his white edging. I would prefer the gravel be piled in the back, but Mr. Orange aranged it this way.
Advice: Research and never forget to ask questions.
Fish Kept: Currently: Mr. Orange and Oscar the Grouch (green terror cichlid) in a separate tank. Past: Red belly piranha for about 8 years and various tetras while I was still learning.
Corals/Plants: None
Tank Size: 55 gallons


MJKMAN1 ur TANK is quite beautiful......BUT will u tell me plz how did u set the right coloured light on the right hand side of ur tank??IS it a heater or something else......I study ur description but didn't undrstand the thing..LOL...PLZ TELL BRo.... fish avatar
wow thats a cool fish. i got a giant parrot cichlid that looks just like your red devil. awesome tank! fish avatar
The oak stand and canopy is beautiful! I love Mr. Orange as well :) It's so funny how the fish arrange the tank to their likings.. I especially love the LED bubble wall you have! It must look awesome at night! fish avatar


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