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Country: Czech Republic
Description: Aquarium: from fa Farao 465 liter LIGHTING: handmade 3x fluorescent tube OSRAM 830 warm whig 120cm 36W(used reflex spotlights) 3x fluorescent tube OSRAM 840 cool whig 120cm 36W lightening 12 o'clock every day FILTRATION: 1.outer filter RESUN TOP 333 - 7 - mechanic filtration and filling PHOS-EX from JBL, cleaning 1x behind 2 months 2.outer lag trickling filter EHEIM 2229 EHFISUBSTRAT+bio - foam,cleaning 1x per annum FERTILIZATION: automatic recall fertilization CO2(1kg bomb CO2), 1x every day PMDD 15ml without KNO3 (CO2 sense organ EHEIM) UV LAMP 11W HEATING: no UPKEEP: 1x behind 14 day exchange 100 - 150l waters, defecation, scissoring and reset overgrown plant, clearing preliminary filter, glass from eyelashes and covering glass, at exchange waters application aqua REGULATOR,AQUA ACID,TERAPU AB from Aqaru and SERA NITRIVCE. Water: funds NO3 = 10 NO2 = 0 GH = 7 KH = 3,5 PH = 6,8 FE = 0,1 - 0,25 PO4 = 0,25 - 0,5 mg/l Temperature = 26 – 28 °C DECORATION:quartz stones light colours and African rootage mop - nor and mangr,inner background from PU foam stones and rootage.
Fish Kept: Otocinclus affinis, Nannostomus eques, Pterophyllum skalare, Gyrinocheilus aymonieri, Rineloricaria lanceolata, Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis, Hyphessobrycon callistus, Hyphessobrycon rosaceus, Hemigrammus erythrozonus, Cheirodon axelrodi, Petitella georgiae, Brachydanio rerio, Colisa fasciata, Garra cambodgiensis, Crossocheilus siamensis, Nematobrycon palmeri, Caridina japonica,
Corals/Plants: Anubias Afzeli, Anubias Lancaolata, Anubias Barteri var Nana, Blyxa Japonica, Bacopa Caroliniana, Bacopa Lanigera, Cryptocoryne Wendtii, Echinodorus Indian Red, Echinodorus Red Rubin, Echinodorus Amazonicus, Echinodorus Osiris, Echinodorus Bleherae, Echinodorus Ocelot Green, Echinodorus Subalatus, Echinodorus Uruguayensis, Echinodorus Argentinensis, Echinodorus Apart, Egeria Najas, Glossostigma Elatinoides, Heteranthera Zosterifolia, Hygrophila Polysperma, Hygrophila Difformis, Hygrophila corymbosa, Ludwigia Repens, Micranthemum Micranthemoides, Microsorium Pteropus, Myrophyllum Mattogrosence Red, Nymphaea Tiger Lotus Red, Riccia Fluitans, Rotala Macrandra, Rotala Wallichii, Sagittaria Subulata, Vesicularia Dubiana,
Tank Size: 103 gallons


you can definately see a lot of love and time has gone into this tank and a lot of thought, massive project that looks stunning fish avatar
One of the nicest tanks in this page!!..I love the plant setting, the colors, the fish and the large capacity of your tank..Is it hard to clean???..Cheers.. fish avatar


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