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State: California
Country: United States
Description: 10G All-Glass Aquarium. Whisper 10 Power Filter. 15 Watt Flourescent Bulb. 50 Watt UL Listed Aquarium Heater. Thermometer. 12” Airstone. 20 lbs. Eco-complete Planted Aquarium Substrate. Amazon Waters Aquarium Background. Medium Aquatic Driftwood. Turbo CO2 Bio-System by Red Sea.
Advice: Don't do this... Set up date is 18 May 2008. I started with red, white and blue gravel; a bunch of fake ornaments and flowers; 2 Balloon Mollies and 2 Gold Twin-bar Platies. On 08 June 2008, I decided to start all over again because my aquarium was filthy (4 fishes stuck in an uncycled tank, do the math). So, I returned 1 of my mollies and 1 of my platies to the pet store. On 09 June 2008, I cleaned the aquarium and changed the gravel into a more earthly color. On 16 June 2008, after boiling and soaking a piece of driftwood for 5 days, I placed it inside the aquarium and put a bunch of Java Fern on it. On 20 Jun 2008, I added more Java Fern on the driftwood. 23 June 2008, decided to change the substrate again...I put eco-complete substrate and mixed it with some of my gravel. I also added some plants (Amazon Sword, White Ribbon). The next day, I realized that I had mixed too much of the old gravel. So, I decided to empty it out and remove most of the old gravel that I mixed with it. On 25 Jun 2008, learned that White Ribbon is not really meant for aquarium, took it out and returned it and got more Amazon Sword. I emptied out the water in the aquarium again, because it became cloudy due to my digging of the substrate. 04 July 2008, decided to do 100% water change becuase the DIY Yeast CO2 generator I made siphoned the water in my tank, and mixed its solution to my enitre tank.
Fish Kept: 1 Black Balloon Molly (18 May 2008 - present), 1 Gold Twin-bar Platy (18 May 2008 - abducted by aliens 30 June 2008), 1 Otocinclus Catfish (1 July 2008 - 3 July 2008) 4 Neon Tetras (3 July 2008 - present)
Corals/Plants: Java Fern, Amazon Sword, Wisteria, Micro Sword
Tank Size: 10 gallons
Quote: "I don't wanna hear any jokes about Seamonkies." - Aquaman
About Yourself: Aquarium addict.


This looks awesome! I love the 3 predominant colors, purple blue & green. They look awesome together! And is this just my eyes or is the wood purple as well? hehe, how'd you get it to do that? fish avatar


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