Photo #2 - My Tank - Malawi Cichlids - Ocean Rock / Slate

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: I have a selection of Malawi Cichlids, Mbuna, Haps, Victoria and BN plecs I have them in a 240L 4ft tank running a fluval fx5 and a fluval 3+ internal. (seriously overfiltered). All my fish are F1s or wild cought which makes them very rare! I have 15kg of sand as substrate, 50 kg of ocean rock, 20 kg of slate. Lighting is T8 marine white & blue. With red / blue night lights LEDs. I have 6 breeding groups of different fish and 2 smaller breeding / growing tanks. Davie
Advice: Go 4 it
Fish Kept: Malawi cichlids
Corals/Plants: ocean rock / slate
Tank Size: 70 gallons
About Yourself: Been keeping fish for around 2 years


as i look at your tank i think im underwater in a lake. Great tank! fish avatar
very nice tank and beautiful fish. great selection man the colors are perfect. fish avatar
I get all my fish from a guy called JIMBO (google malawiforum and he is on there) All i can say is once you find a good breeder/ supplier you never use anyone else! Cheers for the comments guys:) Davie fish avatar
At first glance (without my glasses on) I thought this was marine tank. What a unique look you have with the shale only, I love it and the fish are visible too! Remember, there is no such thing as too much filtration. You have a real 10 here, I love it!! fish avatar
where do you find your fish? fish avatar
Hiya its part of the clean up crew, its a chinese algae eater normally sold as an algae eater. They are great fish to watch as the just munch all day. However once the get to around 3 inches they become quite aggressive so i had to take them out my communtiy tank and put them in my cichlid tank. They have been in there for around 6 months now and working well with the plecs to keep the algae at bay. Davie fish avatar
What is the fish on the bottom just off center left? fish avatar
Stunning! fish avatar


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