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Photo Caption: My planted tank love and my peace and my most beloved possesion
53 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - my planted tank
fish tank picture - My Planted Tank my love
53 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - My planted tank love and my peace and my most beloved possesion

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Country: India
Description: Tank Size 3 Ft ( Width ) , 18 Inches ( Depth ) by 22 Inch ( Height ) Lights : • 4 no’s of PL lights 36 Vats • 1 no of Florescent Pink Light 20 Vats • With Exhaust Fan • Internal Filter Soil : 3 layers • Bottom - River Clay • Middle Layer Plant Fertilizer ( Aqua type ) • Top Layer : River Sand / Mud
Advice: A Live Tank is like a baby, so have to take proper care the same as you do it with the siblings. Proper And timely Dosage of the Plant Foods, Water Siphoning, and Fish Food to be very strictly monitored not to over feed the fishes. It’s like investing 30min every day on quality watching the tank. Have to promise yourself to spend time with tank then only get it …its fun and healthy.
Fish Kept: Fish kept: • Cardinal Tetra – 6 pairs • Black Tetra – 3 pairs • Thread pins - 3 pairs • Harley Queens - 3 pairs • Red Nose – 3pairs • Elder Guppy – 6 pairs • Rainbow Tetra – 3 pairs • Red eyed Tetra – 3 pairs • Algae Suckers – 3 pairs • Rama Rosy - 2 pairs and couple of more varieties… Also have Shrimps – Yamato 6 pairs and Red Cheery Shrimps – 3 pairs
Corals/Plants: Plants kept: Fore Ground: • Dwarfs Grass , • Pigmy Amazon , • Campacta, • Dwarf Blaxya , • Hapola Jetan. Mid Ground : • Bacoba, • Red Lily , • Nuphar Japonica , • Oval Lodviga, • Aromatica Reboliyad Back Ground • Higropila, • Aqua Rose, • Red Amaniya, • Red Makaranda, • Green Milopilum , • Stelata, • Miramtimmum, • Verigrated Higrophila, • Parat Fethar, Wood : • Anubiyas Nana, • Java Fern
Tank Size: 53 gallons
Quote: My planted aquarium, is my second child
About Yourself: About Yourself: i have been interested in aquarium fish for many years, started by getting my 1st tank with some Guppy, Gold and Angle fish , at the age of 14 , Later went on to be regular breeder for period of 4 to 5 years , • Fighter • Angles • Tanjarind • Gold fish and Guramis … Due to constrain of time had to give up the hobby. Having a deep desire to have a plantation tank as a display tank, did the setup 5 months before .


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