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Country: United Kingdom
Description: juwel 450 vision,2 eheim canister filters & the juwel power head filter.crushed coral sand,30kgs+ of lava rock with a home made background made from lava rock and guttering. rio 4ft 55 gallon tank,eheim external filter,rena airpump.lighting is an arcadia luminaire t5 tropical.background in the tank is juwel 3d rock x3,expensive but worth every penny.although on this site i have seen some fantastic diy backgrounds.
Advice: take your time,do your homework,learn from your mistakes.everybody makes them!
Fish Kept: malawi cichlids:electric yellow labs(4), griaffe hap(3), c moorii dolphin(5), various peacocks(7),1 malawi eyebiter,1 electric blue hap. tang cichilds:frontosa(5) 1 shovelnose cat, 4 cuckoo cats, 1 royal pleco, 1 featherfin cat
Corals/Plants: 55gl 4 microsorium pteropus(java fern). lots of natural rock and ocean rock. 450l no plants yet,just 30 kgs of lava rock.
Tank Size: 120 gallons
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Stuart tank is awesome looking. One question how do you clean in back of the gutters? I ask because I am thinking about doing it. fish avatar
reallyy nice tank how long did it take you to get it completly set up? fish avatar
Hey Staut...I tried some new plants and the african do not eat them,,,Onion Plants,,they grow fast and long leaves..work great! Had to clip mine already after a couple months...cheers! fish avatar
Not new...Lost 3..I think I am overstocked and they cleaned house a bit. The eureka was smaller (just colored) and a small s.a. convict..had them from the beginning. A red zebra was pissing off the big kahuna too much! Oh well. fish avatar
In morning now..my orange Eukeka peacock just got chomped,,,boo hoo! fish avatar
Mine is a Nikon cool pix L1 with Nikkor 5x optical zoom if that helps..has a 2 inch screen on it,,smaller screen is hard to see ur pics..look for that option for sure..paid about $6-700 Can. 2 years ago...many opyions on it,,if u can remember them..lol fish avatar
LOL..Know about as much as u..6.2 pix,,5x zoom..so it says??..The tripod helped,,,search internet.. "aquarium pictures"..get info,,like I did.(wink),,helped,,wasted many pics to get one good one,,Tripod worked for me fish avatar
The Tropheus duboisi are nice but can be aggressive too. I think he's the one that killed a larger snow white I added lately. Poor bugger was shocked so bad he turned pinkish! fish avatar
Hey Staurt, I agree the emprees is hard to color, bought a jewel cichlid now,,wow are they ever nice. Seem rare for good coloring too. How much for ur background there? fish avatar
Heyyyyyyyy Awesome job on the new tank stuart!!! Pretty cool. Try a tripod for better pic, still a good shot. fish avatar


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