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Country: United Kingdom
Description: juwel 450 vision,2 eheim canister filters & the juwel power head filter.crushed coral sand,30kgs+ of lava rock with a home made background made from lava rock and guttering. rio 4ft 55 gallon tank,eheim external filter,rena airpump.lighting is an arcadia luminaire t5 tropical.background in the tank is juwel 3d rock x3,expensive but worth every penny.although on this site i have seen some fantastic diy backgrounds.
Advice: take your time,do your homework,learn from your mistakes.everybody makes them!
Fish Kept: malawi cichlids:electric yellow labs(4), griaffe hap(3), c moorii dolphin(5), various peacocks(7),1 malawi eyebiter,1 electric blue hap. tang cichilds:frontosa(5) 1 shovelnose cat, 4 cuckoo cats, 1 royal pleco, 1 featherfin cat
Corals/Plants: 55gl 4 microsorium pteropus(java fern). lots of natural rock and ocean rock. 450l no plants yet,just 30 kgs of lava rock.
Tank Size: 120 gallons
Quote: ??????????
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Beautiful tank.....I had did some guttering using vinyl gutters....had issues with fish dying....was told vinyl leaches phthalates.....had you heard of this?? fish avatar
Your tank is 450 litres not gallons. Nice tank though. I love your light setup. Thats the same thing I want .Atleast it looks like it from the pic. fish avatar
HAHA Give me ur mailing address, I'll send u some moss balls for ur new tank. hehe U can check my videos on utube as well,,,search same name as here,,jesterspub,,leave msg there fish avatar
Hey staurt,,,Funny u mentioned moss balls,,,I bought one 2-3 weeks ago and they chewed it up to bits...just cleaned out all the pieces out of my filter,,plugged the tubes up!! I just tried algae/seaweed sheets (4 by 6") pinned up for them,,they enjoy that. fish avatar
Hey staurt, I seen on utube some awesome "moba" fantosia. Blue/white. search under "courcarre" or "cichlid tank hand feed" Maybe an idea for ur new tank? Check them out. fish avatar
Yeah, bow fronts are the tanks of the future I think. Look forwards to seeing it. I just posted a new pic today with a lot more plants in it and finally learned how to get a good picture,,,lol Scaped stinking algae all morning,,umffff Good info there for ur new tank. fish avatar
ahhhh silly me,,figured it out,,,we jump to pictures this year,,,not this month...duh fish avatar
Hi staut,,,wonder what is going on?...1st u and top rated tank disappeared from freshwater tank listings (ones I noticed) and now I have? I went from top 10 to nothing, like u,,,lol We have a lower rating now but not even shown? You still have the awesome tank!! Enjoy!! Mike fish avatar
OK THANKS I know the citter now,,paid dearly for him $40 Can. but a slow grower. He was one of the 1st ones. I added the new pic for the tank now in planted though with the mirrors,,,I followed ur lead and bought some java fern,,the anubius works well with cichlids too, I like your frontosas,,but scared to add him now with the aggression of the mbunas? Cheers, Mike fish avatar
Hey Stuart,,good to here from you,,,which is the Tropheus Ikola u seen in my tank,,Not sure of all the spieces I have in there...Some were puchased out of mixed tanks. I'll post my tank soon with the mirror so u can check it out,,darm backgrounds are expensive here in Canada,,$180 x 2,,ufff,,maybe make my own Mike fish avatar
Awesome tank Staut! I may go with ur style of background as well. How does the background attach to the tank? Only have 4 inches clearance behind. I just tried a full mirror background, not convinced if I'll keep yet but it sure does cause some termiol with the cichlids,,,lol Definately gets their aggression going a bit as mine are all males and all different breeds of Africans. Trade info when we can. Mike (jesterspub) fish avatar


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