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State: California
Country: United States
Description: I now have two tanks. A 210 gallon freshwater tank with tropical-semi aggressive fish. In the big tank I am running a Fluval FX5 and 2 Penguin bio-wheel 200's. I am heating it with 2 Hydor Theo 400 watt heaters. I am using a Whisper 100 with a stone ring and a Powersweep 228 powerhead for aeration. A 20 gallon with baby Koi.
Advice: Learn all you can about filtration. But always go with a much larger filter I am currently running 400 GPH on my 200 gallon tank. I will also be adding both of my biowheels rated at 50 gallons each. When you buy a tank, always go 2-3 times larger than your originally intend. Your fish are going to get bigger, maybe a lot bigger. It will save you lots of money from continual upgrades. Same with the filter. Don't overcrowd your tank. If you do, it will balance itself out. Your fish will die from stress and poisoning. Research your fish before you buy them to make sure they are compatible with the size and attitude of your current fish. If you want an easy to care for, colorful, fish, with great personalities, choose Koi.(mine are like puppy dogs) They are very eager to see me like to be fed and are always doing something that is interesting to watch. (watch your live plants)
Fish Kept: Gouramis, African Leaf Fish, assorted Cichlids, Pictus cats, Red Tailed Shark, Cories, Featherfin Catfish, Loaches, Dojos, Peacock Eels, Plecostomus, Otocinclis, Glass Shrimp, Freshwater Crabs, and a Dinosaur Bichir.
Corals/Plants: Use fake plants unless you have a tank only devoted to plants. Plants really overwork a filtration system. I also have found the light requirements are more then I am willing to give them with standard flourescents and natural light. They are great for your fish, but they get expensive real fast. The fish won't appreciate them as much as you do. I am currently trying to develop some cuttings from houseplants. I saw them widely used in Vietnam on my last visit
Tank Size: 210 gallons
Quote: What water changes?
About Yourself: I have always loved watching and learning all I could about fish. The aquarium is one of my favorite places to be. I am now back to fish from the advice and coaching of a friend. Yes it starts out as 10 gallons and goes on from there. It can be very addicting.


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