Photo #3 - 4 Foot 50 Gallon Tropical Community Tank.

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Country: Canada
Description: 4' 50G planted - Tank is c02 enriched 6.4 ph, 2.5kh, 3.5gh, 0 ammonia 0 nitrite 5 to 10 mg/l nitrate. With 3.7 wpg of 6500k lighting on a 10 hour cycle.
Advice: I have slowly switched all my tanks over to planted tanks over the last couple years and could never go back, the fish are so much calmer, and its just plain peaceful to watch them putter around in a planted tank.
Fish Kept: 18 Cardinal Tetras, 10 Neon Tetras, 6 GlowLight Tetras, 1 SAE, 4 Peppered Corries, 3 Pearl Gouramis 1m 2f, 4 ottos, 10 Japonica shrimp And the following that will be rehomed in a differnt tank very soon and replaced with a few more Cardinals, 8 Zebra danios, 3 colombian blue red and 2 white skirt tetras
Corals/Plants: The left of the tank is Riccia fluitans and Vesicularia dubyana tied down onto a system of hollow rock caves on a sand substrate. The center of the tank is all ludwigia repens, Nuphar stellata, Eleocharis parvula, Echinodorus tenellus, and a few crypts in flourabase, with a anubis on the wood that seperates the wood from the sand. The right of the tank is Microsorum pteropus regular and Windelov rooted onto a twisted pile of roots about 2 inches of the plain gravel with larger rock substrate, to create mangrove effect under them for the fish to find shelter. And a lonely crypt off in front of them.
Tank Size: 50 gallons


Beautiful! But I don't know about #1? fish avatar
excellent tank you have, you should be proud. well laid out & the neons/cards in place just sets it all off brilliantly:) well done. fish avatar
Hey Mr. Waxhead! It's me, lol :o) Great-looking tank and it definitely deserves the score! :o) fish avatar
I am sure it will balance down as it pulls in more votes, as there are many tanks far nicer then mine on here. I just noticed the tank from india in 2 only has a few votes as well. So it must just be a issue of a handful of high votes, rating it high, and as lower votes balance it out, it will come down the rungs fast, I am sure. fish avatar
How did u get ranked #1 after 15 Votes? This must be a Joke! The take is cool and all But,,,, #1 I dunno about that! fish avatar


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