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State: Washington
Country: United States
Description: Tank is 36" L x 25" W x 18" H. Canister filter is Ehiem Ecco Pro (Love it BTW) Very nice oak stand and hood. Lighting is Corallife T5. (dual bulb)
Advice: My advice to a new hobbyist would be to recognize that every tropical fish hobbyist will have a different set of ideas on how to set-up and take care of your fish and tank. Consider the sources. Start out small 15 gallon. For example I have had fish tanks nearly my whole life and I got my partner into the hobby. I'm of the mind that a tank will generally work itself out and the more you mess with it the more frustrated you will get. He prefers to be more involved with his tank than I do mine. I do not recommend making more than one change at a time. It is the only way to determine if what you have done will have positive results. Keep an eye on your pH. Do not purchase scaleless fish (loaches, plecos, black/blue sharks, ghost knives, eels, elephants and so on) until your pH is balanced for the fish you want to keep. Don't buy expensive fish right off the bat. Don't let people worry you about starter or 'sacrifice' fish (Cory catfish, guppies, tetras). Your fish can go for a few days without food, so its better to underfeed everyday than to overfeed everyday. - Go with the "KISS Method" -- Keep it super simple. Good luck! - OH one more thing!! The colors displayed on the fish are a good indicator that they are stressed - and always ask when the fish you're looking at was shipped in. Purchasing an all ready stressed fish is not good - the likelihood they'd perish increases substantially. On a positive note!! The book The Dummies Guide to Aquariums is a pretty good read...simple terms - buy it used on the web...
Fish Kept: 2 Discus (~4" tall), 4 Angelfish (each size of a quarter), 5 rummy nose tetras, 1 ghost knife (5" long), 1 ablino and 1 bronze cory catfish, 4 black skirted tetras, 5 serpa tetras, 10 cardinal tetras, 5 more assorted painted or skirt tetras not mentioned, 3 assorted fancy goldfish, 1 Chinese high-fin banded loach, 1 lonely rasbora and 1 Chinese algae eater. (Yeah probably a few too many, but if asked to thin out the 'school' I wouldn't know who to give up. So I just make sure water 30% changes and canister filter (ehiem) cleaning are maintained.)
Corals/Plants: Seven assorted amazon sword plants, java moss, various sizes. I don't mind if the fish eat them - They are good for the water and the fish!
Tank Size: 66 gallons
Quote: "That's cool!"
About Yourself: Every since I was little girl I've had a fish tank (minus 5 yrs). I recall going to the fish store with my dad to pick out fish.... We would spend nearly every weekend going to some kind of fish store just to check things out. Plus my dad used to raise hard to find cichlids. - My home isn't complete without a fish tank!! I have earned both a BSc and MSc in Biology and I find the relationships of the flora and fauna of the environment very interesting.


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