Photo #0 - "desert Oasis" 75gal. Community Tank.

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Photo Caption: "Desert Oasis" 75Gal. Community Tank.

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: 75 gallons 25.5 height x 48.5 wide x 18 in depth. 1x Aquaclear 70 1x API Superclean 50 1x 300w heater 1x 50w heater 1x 12in air bar 1x Current Led plus
Advice: Start with good hardy fish, Gouramies (female), Mollies( male), Platys(male), Tetras, and I suggest you Go Big! Buy the biggest tank you can get, because I guarantee, you will want to upgrade and get more fish as you become more established. Weekly water changes is very important, keeps your tank looking nice, and keeps your fish happy and healthy. Don?t give up if you hit a couple of bumps, just keep going! Before you know it this will be second nature for you.
Corals/Plants: Some Artificial, Some Live plants.
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: "Be prepared and be honest."
About Yourself: Just an average Joe with a Beautiful Family... Won a Goldfish for my son at the County fair, and a Fish Enthusiast was born!


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