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State: Colorado
Country: United States
Description: Planted African Rift Lake Cichlid Tank, 72"x19"X22" 500W CF 6700/10000K Lighting Pressurized CO2 UV Sterilizer 2xXP3 Canister Filters
Advice: Never fight a land war in Asia.
Fish Kept: Pseudotropheus demasoni "Pombo Rocks" Pseudotropheus acei "Luwala Reef" Pseudotropheus elongatus "Usisya" Labidochromis caeruleus "Lion's Cove" Labeotropheus fuelleborni "OB"
Corals/Plants: Pogostemon helferi (Downoi), Pogostemon stellata "Broad-leaf", Cryptocoryne wendtii "Green Gecko," Hottonia palustris, Anubias barteri v nana, Cryptocoryne spiralis, Limnophila aromatica, Sagittaria weatherbiana, Hydrocotyle verticellata, Ammania sp. "Bonsai," Rotala rotundifolia "Colorata," Hemianthus micranthemoides "Erect," Hemigraphis traian, Hydrotriche hottoniiflora, Cyperus helferi, Cryptocoryne ciliata, Elatine triandra, Potamogeton gayi, Riccia fluitans, Micranthemum umbrosum, Limnophila sp., Hygrophila polysperma "Rosanervig," Microsorum pteropus "Narrow," Ludwigia repens "Rubin," Ranunculus papulentus, Anubias barteri var nana "Petite"
Tank Size: 125 gallons
Quote: The computer allows you to make mistakes faster than any other invention, with the possible exception of handguns and tequila.


nice fish and tank. love the purple plants fish avatar
great quote! great tank. fish avatar
Yes, this tank definitely deserves to be in the top ten!!My question is, how can you keep cichlids and plants together??..Keep it up.. fish avatar
how do u clean a tank like that fish avatar
really excellent, nice picture, could be great to watch it daily fish avatar
wow your tank is beautiful! I just got a 29 gallon tank and i want it to be a planted one but i have never done one before so i need some help. How much time and work does it take to have such a beautiful tank like yours? ALso how long do plants last for? And how much money would it be for a 29 gallon tank to look like this? and if you have any tips for me please share! fish avatar
This should definitely, no doubt, be the #1 tank in the world!! Travis, I will use your tank as my guide and inspiration, your tank is magnificent, just what I had in mind for my layout... fish avatar
Everytime I see Travis's tank I get all hyped up about my tank again. This tank is an inspiration to me and as Tropical90 stated "this tank should be the number one planted tank. From Duane in DE. fish avatar
This Tank should be the number one plant tank. now & 4-ever. B-U-T-Full=Beautiful! fish avatar
dont the cichlids eat the plants.when ever i have live plants in my tank they eats them thats why i have all plastic.The only plant i have real is Bamboo and thats in my 55 and my 30 with my cichlids and they didnt touch that yet.But yea ur tank is beautiful.That must attract alot of comments in your home.I could stare at that all day.Hows the algea control in ther with all them plants? fish avatar


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