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65 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Side view of Matt & Joanna's 65 gallon Malawi Mbuna aquarium.
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Photo Caption: Side view of Matt & Joanna's 65 gallon Malawi Mbuna aquarium.
65 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Side view of Matt & Joanna's 65 gallon Malawi Mbuna aquarium.

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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: 65 gallon classic tank with no center brace. Home made background, carib-sea aragonite sand, Fluval 304 canister and Pegnuin 350 power filter, and an all-glass 300 watt submersible heater.
Advice: Never believe the workers in your local pet stores or fish dealers! Use trusted literature and reliable internet sites to research and conclude your own information. Always research your fish and prepare your aquarium well in advance before purchasing fish. Also make sure you always have a plan "B" when mixing tropical fish in case it doesnt work out.
Fish Kept: The 65 gallon tank holds Labidochromis caeruleus, Labidochromis sp. "mbamba", Melanochromis auratus, Pseudotropheus Kenyi(aka Metriaclima lombardoi), Pseudotropheus "acei", Metriclima astherae, Pseudotropheus saulosi, and Pseudotropheus socolofi albino
Corals/Plants: none
Tank Size: 65 gallons
Quote: "I believe you have my stapeler" Milton Office Space
About Yourself: A little less than a year ago I decided to buy a 10 gallon tank for my wife because she used to have african dwarf frogs and liked them. So I decided to get her a tank for them and add some fish. One thing led to another and one tank led to another and now I have eight tanks providing me with over 300 gallons of freshwater fun. By the way i want to add that this tank is a combined effort of my wife and I. We do this together and we really enjoy it. I recommend it to any married couple as a means of bringing you closer together. Now if we could just find more room in our house for another tank. Just kidding..... Or am I?


Thank you for your nice comments. Very hard to explain how we did it. Short answer is styrofoam, quickcrete, and non-toxic sealant. We had to attach it to background because it floats. We also have caves in the background where we can see them in the background. They have been doing well for over a year and are breeding. fish avatar
great tank! :) fish avatar
THIS TANK IS FANTASIC!!! fish avatar
this is the by far the best background i have upgrading from my 55gl to a 125gl and this is the look i want,any chance of some pointers into how to achieve this great look? fish avatar
i really like this how you made the back ground can you tell me how you did this? fish avatar


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